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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For The Boys - Remix

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Shel has been busy putting kits into her new store at Stuff to Scrap. If you haven't checked it out you need to!

She pulled out her For the Boys Kit and reworked it. Some new elements have been added and some of the papers have changed. This kit is perfect for all your little boy pictures. Just look at this preview...

I've made a QP for you using this kit and the download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

I've got to get some sleep now cause I've got a long day ahead of me. Enjoy your day and look for me on digifree!


Download wordart here

Have you ever wondered why 4 day weeks seem so long?

Yesterday as I was driving to school it started raining REALLY hard! I pulled into the parking lot and had no umbrella, raincoat or hat. I had to make a run for the building. I stepped out of the car and into a puddle so my shoes and the bottom of my pants were soaked right away. The rest of me got pretty wet also as I ran down the sidewalk to get in the building.

Once I got inside I go to brush my wet hair and find that the brush that is ALWAYS in my purse wasn't there for some reason. Needless to say, I didn't look my best yesterday. LOL!

The day got WAY better at lunch time when I learned that I had gotten a box filled with some beautiful post cards from Dennis & Carol in Oklahoma! They sent us some beautiful postcards from their various vacations! I can't even tell you how beautiful these cards were but right now it looks like my entire class wants to pack up and move to the Oregon coast. I think I'll go with them!

There was no rain this morning so I managed to get to school looking half way human. The bad part about today was the dreaded faculty meeting. YUCK! It was almost funny when my assistant principal came over the loud speaker to remind everyone to go to the music suite after school and then also told us to get our rooms ready for open house tomorrow night. Well, were we supposed to go to the meeting or stay and get our rooms ready?!?! Of course, they expected us to do both.

Today brought a postcard from Heather in Houston. She sent a card from her recent trip to Vancouver Island, BC. When I showed the kids where Houston is on the map and then showed them Vancouver Island they were absolutely amazed that someone had traveled that distance. Plus, the sea lions on the card were a big hit!

Tomorrow is open house which means I'll be at school until 7:30 PM. With the Miami traffic it just isn't worth coming home in the time between school ending and open house starting.

I have to find a way to tell my principal that staying at school until 7:30 really doesn't work for me since The Vampire Diaries starts at 8:00. LOL!


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