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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Greetings From...STS Blog Train

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This is going to be such a fun blog train! If you've traveled this summer or plan to travel in the future you are going to LOVE all the mini kits you'll be getting!

I played with the mini kit that Shel Belle Scraps made. Her kit represents Minnesota since that's where she's from. Take a look at what you'll get when you visit her blog....

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These minis are going to come in so handy with the postcard project I do with my class every year!

Here's a layout I made with Shel's kit...

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OK, it's time for you to go collect all your minis! You can visit Shel's Blog to get the rest of the links. Remember that some bloggers may not have their kits posted yet, so be patient and visit them again later.

Have fun!

There's a war going on in my house!

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For the past couple of days there has been a war going on in my house between Orange Croc Guy and myself. It all started when he had the nerve to beat my high score on the table tennis return challenge on the wii sports resort. It's my house....I'm supposed to have the high score! LOL!

After he left, I got busy getting my high score back. The problem with that was the harder I tried to beat his score the worse I played. LOL! Well, to make a long story short, after several hours, a very sore arm and a thirst for revenge I reclaimed my #1 status.

I decided to pay him back by going into his home while he was out and taking over the high score on some of his games. I make myself the proud owner of the #1 spot on eight of his wii games. LOL!

I told him what I did, but I didn't let him know which games or how many. He's found two of them and reclaimed his spot. The other six are still mine! LOL!

He warned me that when I least expect payback...I should expect it. He doesn't scare me. LOL!

Well, today the war went to a whole other level when I convinced him to watch a movie with me. Of course, the movie I wanted to watch was August Rush because you guys said it was good and I could drool over JRM while watching.


Well, here's how the conversation at the beginning of the movie went....

Orange Croc Guy: Is this a chick flic?
Me: No, you're going to love it.
OCG: That's the guy from...
Me: (cutting him off) No, it's not.
OCG: Why are we watching this?
Me: My blog readers said we needed to.
OCG: Really? We...they said we...you and I...need to watch this movie.
Me: (hoping he'll be quiet and watch) Well, they know how much you mean to me.
OCG: Do they know you call me Orange Croc Guy?
Me: Of course, if I used your real name no one would know who I was talking about.
OCG: Do they know that my mother bought those shoes because she saw them on TV and thought they were cool or that you only saw me in them one time as I was coming in from the pool and that they've been hidden away since I found out you called me OCG?
Me: (note to self: use emergency key, find orange crocs) (Said while laughing) No, but that whole letting your mother dress you thing is a story I'll be sure to share with them.
OCG: (said while hitting me with a pillow) I need to find new friends.
Me: Yeah, good luck with that. Now be quiet or I'm turning up the volume on the TV.

The movie was watched, JRM looked hot, hot, hot and even OCG had to admit it was good.

I have to tell you that I loved all the comments on my post about the end of The Tudors! Shirley's comment was just begging to be turned into a wordart, so here it is....

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Now, I'm going to get some sleep because tomorrow I'm going to see Eclipse!!!


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