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Thursday, April 7, 2016

My secret career!

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Did you guys know that I have a secret career?  Well, I didn't either, but apparently, the state of Florida thinks I'm a meth manufacturer!

I went to the drug store today to buy some Claritan-D and was lucky enough to have what I assume was a new cashier.  At the very least, she was a cashier that has never seen a probable meth manufacturer before.

When the register wouldn't accept my purchase she called another lady over and asked what was going on.  That lady took one look at the register and stated with a very judgmental look on her face,
"She's not allowed to buy anymore.  She's been buying too much!"  then she stood back and stared at me as if she was expecting to do something illegal.

I just stood there looking confused while the second lady stared at me and the first one looked to be backing up and deciding if she should call the police or not. 

I finally spoke up and said, "I don't understand.  I only buy one box at a time and I took the last one I had this morning.  I was hoping to buy another box so that I could take another one tomorrow before I go to work.  This has never happened to me before"
The pharmacist walked by and heard what I said and he just kind of laughed before explaining that "They are ridiculous about those things.  They have it timed down to the exact day and won't let you buy it even one day early."

I felt better than and apparently the first cashier did too because she moved closer to the counter.  The second cashier stayed where she was and continued to glare.

I asked if there was a number I could call and the pharmacist said it should be on my receipt.  I had to point out that I didn't have a receipt because I wasn't allowed to buy what I wanted to buy.

He told the first cashier to try ringing it up again so that a receipt would print for me and I could get the information.  She took my license again and attempted to ring up the Claritan.  I joked that now the computer really was going to flag me! 

Maybe I shouldn't have made that joke!  As the second cashier held her ground and continued to stare the first cashier backed up from the register and called to the pharmacist that now she wasn't even able to scan my license.  He again laughed and came around the corner to show her how to do it.

It scanned.  A receipt printed and I had the information I needed to find out why I had been flagged.

I was also handed a store receipt and told I could take their survey for a chance to win $3,000 cash.  LOL!

Seriously, you want me a suspected meth manufacturer to take your store survey?  What should I tell them?  How the second cashier is probably still standing in that same spot just waiting for me to do something illegal?  How happy I am that the first cashier didn't call the cops?  How the students in my class will get plenty of math  practice as they count my sneezes because I won't be able to take my Claritan in the morning?

Before I left, I assured both cashier and the pharmacist that if I really wanted to take drugs, I could come up with something way better than Claritan.  The pharmacist was the only one to laugh.

After I got home, I went right to the website and entered the information.  I learned that when it comes to cold and allergy medicine containing PSE you can only buy 9.0 grams within a 30 day period.  Since March 6, I have purchased 7.2 grams. 

The pharmacist was right!  I was there one day too early!  I have to wait until the 7th to buy more.

Now, just to let you know what a horrible meth manufacturer I would make.....I don't even know what PSE is!

Of course, by the time I get this posted it will be the 7th, so you need to know that I am going to enjoy going back to the pharmacy to get my "fix".  I hope the same cashiers will be working just to make it that much sweeter. LOL!


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