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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The good and the bad...

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So, today was pretty interesting.  I had two different meetings to go to at the same time.  The one I wanted to go to got cancelled and so I ended up at my principal's staff meeting.

This was one of those meetings where you're held hostage while someone from the outside comes in and talks about their services and tries to get you to sign up with them and use their services.  I hate those kind of meetings!  They shouldn't be mandatory!  Let the people set up in the lounge or something and let anyone who is interested talk to them.  DO NOT force everyone to listen to them!

Anyway, I had to be at the meeting, but I didn't have to pay attention!  LOL!   They had passed out info sheets for people to fill out, but very few people did because none of us wanted them calling or emailing us.  When they finished their sales pitch, one of the guys came by to collect the info sheets.  He got to the table I was sitting at and saw that none of us had filled out the sheet and that none of us had any intention of filling out the sheet.  He said, "Guys, this is for a drawing.  At least write your names and maybe you'll win a prize."

So, we all gave in and wrote our names on the form.  LOL! 

It turns out that the prize they were giving out was a three day, two night vacation to one of several different places!  They had my principal draw a name.

She pulled a fourth grade teachers name.  Everyone cheered for her and I yelled out, "I'm free to travel with you!"  The sales people laughed!

They told my principal to pull another name.  She pulled a first grade teacher's name.  Everyone cheered for her and I yelled out, "I'm free to travel with you too!"  The sales people laughed!

They told my principal to pull one last name and she pulled mine!!!!!  Everyone cheered for me and I yelled out, "I'm not taking any of you people with me!"  I thought the sales people were going to fall in the floor laughing!

I won a mini vacation at a meeting that I hadn't even planned on attending.  AWESOME!

Now, for the bad.....

I got home and found a letter from the IRS waiting in the mailbox for me.  I filed my taxes exactly 4 weeks ago and haven't had a refund deposited in my account yet.  That's because my refund was flagged as possible fraud and I had to call in to verify my identify.

As I'm on the phone with the guy, he said that he had no idea what it was about my refund that sent up a flag.  I laughed and told him that it definitely wasn't the amount of the refund!

Trust me, I'm not getting back much at all! I also told him that I wasn't sure if I was more offended by the thought of them thinking I was a fraud and a thief or if I'm offended by the thought that they think I'm a really BAD fraud and thief.  If I'm going to commit fraud, I promise you it will be for way more than my measly little refund!

I've been telling my assistant at school that I was planning on buying a private island with my refund.  Then I told her how much I would be receiving and she said I may be able to afford a palm leaf.  LOL!

Anyway, I had to answer specific questions about my tax returns for the last two years, my parents names and the city and state where I was born.  He decided that I really am who I say I am and that I really was waiting for a very small tax refund.  He sent my refund over to processing and said that in about NINE more weeks I should have either my refund or another letter from the IRS.

ANOTHER LETTER?!?!?!  Apparently, someone else can flag my refund again if they so choose.

Guess I won't be getting that private island after all!


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