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Saturday, December 10, 2011

8x8 Quickpage freebie

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I've got a quickpage freebie for you that I made using Christmas Magic by Gail Cook. You can buy the kit by clicking on the preview below or you can get it for free by joining the quickpage collection game at DigiScrap Station.

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Just click on the preview below to go to 4shared for the download.

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Don't forget to check out the forum at DigiScrap Station to collect any other free quickpages that are available!

Ghost Cars....they're here!

It's really been a rough week and I can't thank you enough for the words of encouragement. They really helped carry me through this week, but seriously girls, did you have to be so stingy with the tequila? lol!

Not ony was it a rough week, it was a weird one! Every morning this week I woke up at 4am for some strange reason. I'm not talking about waking up and then rolling over to go back to sleep. I was wide awake at 4am! My eating habits haven't changed and the only thing that's been on my mind is how much I DO NOT want to wake up at 4am. lol! I did start going to bed at different times each night---mostly earlier than I normally do because when you wake up at 4 am you get tired really early at night.

What are the odds of waking up at exactly 4 am for 5 days in a row when your alarm is set to go off at 6am?

I tried reading, just lying in bed until the alarm went off and a couple of mornings I actually got up and watched something on TV that I had recorded. FYI---I do not recommend watching American Horror Story when you're all alone and awake at 4am! But, if you do watch American Horror Story, let me know cause we need to talk!!!!

This morning was one of the days that I was determined to stay in bed and fall back to sleep. I never did fall completely back to sleep, but I was still surprised when the alarm went off. I must have accidentally changed the station because instead of waking up to music I woke up to some strange man talking and talking and talking.....

No one wants to wake up to some strange man's voice in their house when they know they aren't wearing their cute pajamas!

Now, I wish I could say the weirdness ended there, but it didn't.

Every morning this week they've had one of those evil speed checker thingys in the road---I'm pretty sure "evil speed checker thingy" is the official name, but you may have a nickname for it that I'm not aware of. You know those things that sit in or by the road and flash the speed you're driving so you know if you need to speed up or not? Yeah, that's it---evil speed checker thingy.

This morning I was sitting at a stop light and could see the evil speed checker thingy down on the next block and I watched as it flashed the different speeds. Some were going the speed limit, some were going slow, others were over the speed limit and were forced with deal with the evil speed checker thingy as it flashed/blinked bright red numbers at them. (Cause that will teach you not to speed!)

Now, that should be what you would expect to happen on a Friday morning when an evil speed checker thingy (OMG! I think I really like saying evil speed checker thingy) is in the middle of the road, but today was no normal day. For the first time EVER my car was the only one on the road. (WEIRD!) I'm totally serious, 7am on a workday and my car is the only one on the road. There were no cars in front of me, I couldn't see any on the side street and I looked into the rearview mirror, but there were no cars to be seen. My car was truly the only one on the road and it was sitting at a stoplight. SO, why was that evil speed checker thingy flashing different speeds? I mean, aside from the fact that it's evil---why?

I sat there not sure if I should be more concerned about being the only car on the road or if I should worry about being alone with an evil speed checker thingy. I started to feel like I was in a scary movie where world had been taken over by aliens or evil speed checker thingys and I was the only human survivor. Crazy thoughts started going through my mind---thoughts like, if I'm the only human survivor why am I wasting time sitting at this stop light?

I kept looking around for a glimpse of another car and thought about making a left turn so I wouldn't have to drive past the evil speed checker thingy and risk having it read my mind, or eat my brains or do whatever it is evil speed checker thingys do when they aren't flashing random speeds for no reason.

And that's when it happened! I saw a pedestrian! I wasn't the only human survivor after all!

The evil speed checker thingy was still flashing random speeds, but as the stop light turned green I knew I wasn't alone in the world----there was at least one more person out there!

Then, for reasons I can't explain, I suddenly knew the evil speed checker thingy wasn't out to get me and the random flashing numbers even made sense. The numbers weren't even random!

I'm not sure how or why the answer came to me, but it makes perfect sense-----GHOST CARS!

Ghost cars----enough said!


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