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Friday, November 6, 2009

Baked Cheese Chicken

Download Wordart Here

I am having so much fun doing the challenge a day activities at Stuff to Scrap! Well, I've done some of them. LOL! They are still fun and you should visit the forum and check them out. You can have fun, get some pages scrapped and earn some prizes.

Yesterday's challenge was to scrap a recipe and most of the designers are so nice that they said we could give away the recipe cards/pages we made with their graphics if we took part in the challenge. Well, we all know that I'm not the best cook, but I'm a pretty good eater so I jumped on this one. I can tell you that this recipe is awesome.....as long as I'm not the one cooking it!

I used graphics from the After Dusk kit by Digi-Designs by Nicole. Nicole has some awesome kits in her store and this is just one of them so make sure you check out her kits!

If you would like this recipe you can download the 5x7 recipe card below the picture.

Download recipe card here

Now, I'm going to go order dinner. LOL! Have a great night and look for me at digifree!


Download wordart here

I am excited that about tomorrow being Friday! This week has been a long one!

Today one of the boys in my class came out of the bathroom all wet. When I asked him why he was wet he said that he had washed his hair. The rest of the kids laughed and he just stood there and smiled. I asked him to please tell me that he used the sink to wash his hair and not the toilet. He said that he did and that I needed more soap. LOL! Then he skipped off to his chair like it was the most normal thing in the world to wash your hair with hand soap in the Kindergarten bathroom.

I told my friends that they could make a TV show about my class, but that I wasn't sure if it would be a comedy or a horror. LOL!

It's my bedtime now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree.


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