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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I think I've lost it...again!

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Today was our 90th day of school and that means we're halfway through another school year. It also means that Zero the Hero was supposed to make an appearance, but guess which teacher forgot to pick up the treats.

Can you guess?

Did you guess me?

Why would you think that I would forget something so important and so fun?

OK, so you're right...I forgot.

Sadly....my class DIDN'T forget.

As soon as I opened the door to let them in class this morning I heard, "Is today Zero the Hero day?" (That was when I realized that I forgot to remember to buy the treats.) I stood there trying to think of something to say when I was met with, "It it Zero the Hero Day.", "You said it was." "You said it was the 90th day of school." (Why did they pick today to actually remember what I say?)

I said that I hoped he would come to visit and that we would just have to wait and see. Then I went through the rest of the morning trying to ignore the fact that I forgot what an important day it was.

I really did PLAN to run to the store during lunch and pick up some kind of snack, but I was doing such a good job of ignoring the important day that I completely forgot to go. I picked my class up from lunch and led them back to the class. I stood there holding the door open for them to enter and instead of being greeted with the usual hugs all I got was, "Was there a note on the door?" (Drats! They were looking for a note from Zero the Hero and I didn't even remember to leave that!)

As the kids entered the room and saw that there was no Zero shaped snack waiting for them, they didn't even try to hide their disappointment. I sprang into action and kindly but firmly starting Blaming Zero the Hero!

ME: I don't know why we didn't get a snack. We've been good all day.

VARIOUS KIDS: Where is he? Did you do something?"

ME: I was in the room the whole time because I wanted to see him and he never came by.

WELL, those little traitors immediately took Zero's side and started blaming me!

VARIOUS KIDS: Why didn't you leave? You should have just left! We didn't get a snack because of Ms. Brown! What are we going to do now? Can you call him?

I wanted the kids to get mad at Zero the Hero, but they got mad at me instead. Well, I'm also Zero the Hero, so either way I guess they were going to get mad at me. But, if they had gotten mad at Zero the Hero they wouldn't have known they were mad at me and I would still have looked like the good guy.

Since I can't beat them I'm just going to join them! If I can remember to stop at the store in the morning (because I already forgot to stop on my way home from school) I'll pick up a snack and leave it out during lunch with a note from Zero the Hero saying that he stopped by on the 90th day, but didn't come in because Ms. Brown was in the room and he was in a hurry.

The kids should love that!


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