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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Story of Me part 21

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Harmony hopped onto her bicycle and rode down the street.

“Look at my bike. My Grandma Pat bought it for my birthday.” She called out to the kids on the corner. “Do you want to get your bikes and ride with me?” Harmony stopped her bike right before she crashed into one of the older boys in the small group of kids.

“Watch where you’re going, you crazy kid. You almost hit me.”

“I’m sorry. I’m still just learning to ride and stopping is hard for me.”

“So, you just got this bike?”

“Yes, I got it for my birthday. Do you guys want to ride with me.” Harmony smiled and looked at the kids hopefully.

The group of kids consisted of three boys and one girl. The girl looked to be about Harmony’s age and the boys were a little older.

“Where’s your Grandma now?” The older boy asked as he looked around and checked the street for adults.

“She’s in the house right now, but she’ll be back soon. You can meet her if you want to ride bikes with me.” Harmony was proud of herself for stepping out of the shy shell she had kept herself in and making an attempt at forming her first friendships.

The older boy smiled at his companions. “Well, we don’t have bikes. Maybe we can all take turns riding your bike. The other boys laughed and agreed that would be fun while the little girl just looked at Harmony and shook her head.

Harmony didn’t know the boys were making fun of her. She didn’t know that they weren’t nice boys. “OK, we can go back to my house and take turns.”

The older boy continued to do the talking for the group. “Which house is yours?”

“It’s right down the street. You can see it from here.”

“Ok, can I ride the bike there? I’ll go slow and you can walk with my sister.” The boy asked as he pointed to the little girl that still hadn’t said a word.

Harmony was so excited that she handed the bike over to the boy, looked at the girl and and smiled. “My name is Harmony. What’s your name.”

The little girl just stood there shaking her head as the other boys laughed and started running after the older boy as he took off on the bike. He was riding in the opposite direction of Harmony’s house.

“My house isn’t that way. You have to turn around now.” Harmony shouted after the boys.

“I’m sorry.” The little girl said before she took off after the boys.

Harmony stood there in the street watching them get farther and farther away with her bike and listening to their laughter as tears streamed down her cheeks.


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