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Friday, January 9, 2015

If it's really cold where you are.....

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If it's really cold where you are this post is probably going to make you angry.  SORRY!

My friend Ingrid has never seen snow.  We were talking about it back when OCG and I were planning our Tennessee trip.  At that time we talked about getting some other friends to join us in taking a road trip up to the mountains after the holidays.

We got pretty excited and decided to start saving our money, so we would be ready when we decided to go.  Well, the holidays came and everyone got busy and we haven't really had time to talk about or plan our trip.

Wednesday night I was with Ingrid and we walked outside about 10:30.  It was cold, or at least, what those of us in Miami consider cold.

We were talking about it being cold and how we weren't dressed for the weather.  There was some lady standing close by and when she heard our conversation she spoke up and said that it was supposed to get down to 50* overnight.

This set Ingrid off!  She immediately started talking very loudly....."That's it, I'm not going to work tomorrow!  I can't leave my house when it's this cold!"

I just laughed and said that I thought we were going to need to postpone that mountain trip we were planning.

I haven't talked to Ingrid today, so I'm not sure if she went to work or not.  I did and the temps got up to 72*.  On Friday it supposed to be 79*. 

Winter is rough!


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