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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer vacation Day 64

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It's official......MEMPHIS LOVES ME!

I won a door prize today!  ME!  I won!

If you'll remember, the last thing I won was a cookbook and we all know I have no use for that!  Today's prize was awesome though!  I won a super cool insulated Shelby County Schools lunch bag that contained a box of jelly beans labeled, "Proud Member of a Sweet Team" and a one year subscription to The Playhouse on the Square!  I get 8 free tickets for the season!

Now, let me back up and tell you how my day went and how I won....

I went to an all day orientation that was actually very interesting.  We were about an hour into things and the Superintendent of schools was speaking.  My watch starts vibrating so I look at it and see the school phone number.  Luckily, everything was on vibrate so no one heard anything.  I showed my watch to the girl sitting next to me and said, "The school is calling me!" 

I didn't answer the call.  I just couldn't be "THAT TEACHER!".  Below is a screen capture of the text message exchange that took place between my principal and myself after the call....

I really was afraid to walk out and call her while the Superintendent was talking!  Again, I just didn't want to be "THAT TEACHER!"

Then when I saw that she was calling to find out what time lunch was, I was really glad that I didn't do the embarrassing walk down the aisle to the hallway while the Superintendent was talking.  LOL!

We get to lunch and it was awesome!  It was served buffet style, but they had placed dessert on the tables.  Each table had an even mixture of apple and chocolate pie.  I sat at a table where we all took the chocolate pies and moved the apple ones to the other side of the table.  LOL!

My principal arrived and decided that she wanted chocolate too.  So, she takes a plate with apple pie on it and trades it for a chocolate one at another table.  I love this lady already!  Then, she did it again for another girl that also wanted chocolate.  It was funny!

As we were eating, they asked us to pull out the lunch tickets we were given because they had some door prizes to give away.  Three different people won $100 gift cards that were donated by one of the insurance companies.  My ticket number was no where near any of the winning numbers, but a couple of people sitting at my table said they were off by a number or two.

Then Costo donated some nice big book bags and $50 Costo gift certificates.  Again, My number was no where near the winning numbers and a couple people near me missed the prize by one or two digits.

Then, the people from The Playhouse came up with three one year subscriptions worth $180 each inside the lunch bag with the jelly beans.  Everyone at my table commented about how this would be an awesome prize to get!

The first ticket was called.....and of course, my ticket number wasn't even in the same ballpark!

At this point, I kind of checked out and became "THAT TEACHER!"  I was talking.....

"I'm probably better off having a ticket number that's no where near the winning numbers.  You guys are so close that you get your hopes up and then you're let down.  I don't get let down, because I never.....WOOHOO!  THAT'S ME!"  

Yes, I was mid sentence explaining how I never win anything when I suddenly screamed and threw my arms up in the air. 

Everyone laughed and it was decided that I was the most excited winner!

I stopped and picked up a couple lottery tickets on my way home in hopes that Memphis has a little more love to share with me!  LOL!


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