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Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's sad but true...

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For the first time in years teachers in Dade county actually got a raise!  That should be exciting shouldn't it?  Well, sadly the raise kicked in at the same time the new tax laws did and here's how my salary breaks down...

I now make an extra $47.20 every two weeks. 
There's an extra $17.82 in federal taxes being taken from my check.
Social Security is taking an extra $68.74.
Medicare is getting an extra $1.06.
Thanks to the worst governor in the history of the world an extra $1.41 is going into the Florida retirement system.
I made changes to the amount of things I willing have taken from my check so that amount decreased $20.98.

So.....all in all, after getting my long awaited raise, I am now bringing home $20.85 less than I was.

Yep, I went to college for this!  What was I thinking?


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