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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That time of year...

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We've reached the point in the school year where we're all just trying to hang in there until spring break.  If you hear some very loud rumbling screams of joy at the end of next week, don't worry, it's just teachers from all over Miami celebrating.

Anyway, we're trying to hang in there and so are the kids, but it's not easy.  The kids are getting very antsy.  I had one use his scissors to cut his own hair and shirt then lie to his mother and say someone else did it to him.

I had another one say she was going to slap someone else across the face for absolutely no reason.

I had just accepted the fact that it was going to be a loooong two weeks when I picked my class up from lunch and found one of my students holding a paper.

The little boy's father works at school as one of our custodians.  He showed me the paper and said, "I found it in the floor and picked it up so my dad wouldn't have to."

Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?


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