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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm on vacation!

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I'm so excited about school being out for the summer that I just had to post another goodie for you.

You should have seen the look I got from the security guard at the back gate when I got home and yelled out to him that I was on vacation. He wasn't sure if he should let me in or call for back-up. LOL!

I've got lots to do in order to get ready for my trip tomorrow so I better get busy. I'll see you next week!

5 More Things....

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In honor of the last day of school I'm giving you another list. Here are 5 things I heard said in my Kindergarten Class this year that I hope I NEVER hear again...

5. My mom is mad at you.
4. My mom said I don't have to do my work.
3. I don't like reading.
2. I don't want to be here

And the #1 thing I hope I never hear in my class room again.....

Ms. Brown, she's dancing on the pole again!

I'm going out of town on Friday for a mini vacation. I'll be home again on Tuesday or Wednesday. I've preposted for the next week so you'll still be able to get some wordart. I hope you'll find something you can use.

Here's an extra for you today...

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Enjoy your day!


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