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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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Today was a teacher's workday for us and we worked really hard. Trust me!

Around 2 o'clock my principal made his rounds to make sure we were all working and that no one had snuck out early. (Yes, he does that!) I asked if he was dropping by to tell us to go home and he said we should definitely go home by 4. We laughed at that comment cause we were all going to be at home sitting on our couches by that time since our day ends at three. lol!

Well, about 40 minutes later the boss came over the intercom and said that the building would be locked for the day at 3:45 and that we should adjust our planning time so that we would be out of the building at that time.

Five minutes later everyone in my building was running for their car! We had adjusted our planning time! lol!

Actually, we really thought it was a top secret coded message that meant we could go home. On the rare occasion that he lets us head out early, the boss always says something about planning instead of just saying go home. So, after dissecting his intercom message we decided that it was his dorky way of giving us permission to leave.

For most of us, going home means driving past the main office and parking lot. As I drove by, I noticed our principal was sitting in his car. I called the teacher whose car was in front of mine and asked if she had noticed. We laughed and joked about how he was sitting there to watch who left. I even said that we would have to tell one of the girls that had beaten us out of the building that he was looking for her.

Well...before I actually got home the teacher I had called was calling me back to say that she had gotten a phone call and the principal was looking for her. OOPS!

She sat in her driveway and called the school office only to be told that he wanted her to stop by and see him before she left for the day. She confessed that it was too late and that his announcement had been confusing.

Luckily, the man has a sense of humor!


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