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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Story of Me part 35

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September 7, 1996

Harmony woke up early. Leo was coming over for a play date and she couldn't wait. She had never had a play date before. Mary had taken her shopping the previous evening and they bought flavored drinks and snacks. They even bought a game for Leo to take home with him after the play date was over.

“I’ll get it! I’ll get it!” Harmony ran through the house yelling when she heard the doorbell ring at exactly 10 o’clock. She opened the door smiling and Leo was standing there in jeans that were too big, a wrinkled dress shirt and a tie. He was wearing shoes that looked new but were too big for his feet. He was smiling and holding what looked to be fresh picked flowers in his hands.

“Hi Harmony! I found your house. These flowers are for Mrs. Harrison. I wanted to thank her for letting me come over.” Leo was excited and talking very quickly.
Mary and Gene walked up behind Harmony. “Harmony, don’t just stand there let your friend come inside.” Mary laughed.

“Hello ma’am. These are for you. Hello sir. Thank you for inviting me to your house.” Leo’s smile lit up his whole face and Harmony was smiling just as brightly as she watched him.

Mr. Harrison looked at his wife and quietly whispered, “Oh my, I didn’t think boys would start showing up this soon.”

“Hush” Mary whispered back before taking the flowers Leo had offered. “It was very nice of you to bring me flowers. Come on in. Would you children like a snack before you play.”

“Oh yes, that would be very nice. Thank you.” Leo said as he reached for Harmony’s hand and entered the house.
Gene and Mary watched from a distance as Harmony and Leo ate their snacks and talked and laughed about things that only eight year olds think are funny. They watched through the window as the kids played in the backyard. Leo was the perfect little gentleman. He held Harmony’s hand as they walked and pushed her on the swing. At one o’clock Mary called the children inside for lunch and watched as Leo held the door for Harmony.

“Leo, what time is your mom coming to pick you up?” Mary asked as she placed sandwiches and chips on the table in front of the children.

“Oh, I don’t have a mom. I live at the group home that’s over on Fifteenth Avenue. I just have to be back there before it gets dark outside.”

Gene put down the newspaper he was reading in the other room and sat up to listen as Mary put her hand on Leo’s shoulder. “Leo, honey, Fifteenth Avenue is over eight blocks away. How did you get here?”

“I walked.” Leo announced. “I walk everywhere I go. I think that’s why I’m so skinny.”

Gene laughed from where he was sitting and Mary smiled. “Well, I tell you what. After you kids eat lunch and play some more. We’ll drive you home in the car so that you don’t have to walk.”

“That would be very nice. Thank you.” Leo smiled again then took a big bite of his sandwich.


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