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Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday again.....

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It's Monday again and I'm not excited about that, but I am excited about driving my new car to work...

I know it's not the best picture!

It's hard to believe that I'm not a VW girl anymore!  I really did love my other car, but it was just never the same after that whole parked car hit and run ordeal.  Since I moved, I'm not able to walk to as many places as I was able to walk to before and it just bothered my.  So, now I'm a Jeep girl!

Before I left the dealership, I walked up to the car as they were moving the tags from my old car to the new one and they were putting their little frame around the tag.  I told them about the ticket I got because of the last one (Remember that?) and they couldn't believe it.  They had never heard of that before and I assured them that I hadn't heard of it either until I found the ticket on my windshield.  

They did enjoy the story of the sarcastic letter I send in to the clerk of courts with the photo of my car proving that I had removed the highly illegal frame.  LOL

11 more days until spring break.....


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