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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Where do I begin!

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So, we are staying at the Basin Park Hotel which is the sister hotel to The Crescent Hotel.  Both hotels are old and reportedly haunted.  We chose the Basin over the Crescent because of it's location and lower prices.  LOL!

OCG booked us on the ghosts tour of our hotel and I was excited!  I even took a couple screen shots of some of yesterdays Facebook posts to show you how excited I was....

Well, it turns out that I misunderstood.  OCG booked us for two ghosts tours!  The one we went to last night was at The Crescent Hotel and the stories are amazing.  I'll share those with you later ---if I survive!

I do need to tell you this one story though.  It happened after the tour.  There was one girl on the tour that I ended up next to several times and we talked to each other as she exclaimed that she would never stay at that hotel!  She even waited with me in one of the  morgue rooms as I took a picture, so I wouldn't be in there by myself.  (Yes, this hotel had a morgue!) There was a guy with her who stood and smiled as we talked, but he never said anything and I never actually saw him make any physical contact with her.  It didn't seem weird to me at the time.

After the tour was over, OCG and I were out in front of The Crescent waiting for the shuttle back to our hotel.  The girl I had talked to earlier and the guy came out.  Again they were side by side, but not holding hands or touching in any way.  She spoke and he just smiled.  We watched as they went to two different cars.  His was a truck.  She pulled out and drove off first and he followed.

A few moments later, he pulled back into the parking lot and parked in the very same place.  He got out and walked back toward the hotel.  I smiled and asked if he had forgotten something.

Without smiling in any way, he kept walking toward the front door of the hotel as he said,

"I can never leave this place"

OCG took one look at my reaction to this and doubled over in laughter,  I yelled out after the guy...

"What the hell, dude!  That's just not right!"

He never turned around.

This guy was not part of the ghost stories that were shared at the hotel and his clothes were modern.  That means that either his story is one the hotel has chosen not to share or that one of the older ghost is really stepping up his haunting game.

OCG says the guy was just messing with me, but I'm not so sure!

Anyway, tonight, we are going to the ghost tour of our hotel.  Yes, I'm pre-posting this, you know, in case I don't survive!

Today we went to so many places and saw so many things and took so many pictures.  Again, I'll save those for another time. (Hopefully!)

In our down time today, I went online looking for ghost stories about our hotel in hopes they were half as interesting as the ones from The Crescent.

I found this interesting tidbit.....

Guess what room we're in?  That's right!  Room 309!

Seriously!  I knew the hotel was haunted, but I had no idea our room was!

I will tell you that I woke up very early on Tuesday morning for no reason, but it didn't feel right and the ghost walk from The Crescent was on my mind so I just said over and over to myself,

"Just don't open your eyes!  If you don't open your eyes you can't see any ghosts!"

I repeated that over and over until I fell back to sleep.  LOL!

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow to share some more photos and stories with you.


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