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Friday, May 27, 2011

I need your vote and comments, please!

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The voting has starting at Cool Scraps Digital for favorite QP that was made in this months challenge. Please visit the forum and vote for my page. It's posted by gluvsc. You can vote here.

After you vote, please leave a comment on my page in the gallery. There's also a prize for the layout with the most comments.

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The Day Ginger Snapped part 28

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I drove the rental car down a dirt road into the middle of the desert. I wasn’t convinced that I was going in the right direction, but the car GPS system insisted this was where I should be and I had no where else to go, so I just kept driving.

Finally, after driving for what must have been hours I saw a shack in the distance and was instructed by the GPS system that I was approaching my destination. I slowed the car down and eventually stopped in front of what looked like an abandoned gas station with a very old and very small house sitting to the side of it. The house
was surrounded by an unpainted, five foot tall fence and plastered with “No Trespassing” signs.

I sat in the car thinking that I had wasted the entire day because this place looked like it had seen no signs of life for years. I was about to drive off when I realized that someone was standing in the window of the gas station watching me. I leaned forward get a closer look and to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things. I didn’t see anything else so I decided that my mind had just gotten the best of me.

I decided to get out of the car long enough to stretch my legs before making the long drive back into town. I walked around the car a few times stretching and just as I reached down to touch my toes I heard something from inside the building. I straightened up and quickly turned to face the abandoned gas station. Before I could decide if I was hallucinating or not, the door to the building swung open and a large man stepped out pointing a rifle at my rental car and then at me.

“We ain’t got no gas around here, so you better just keep moving.”

I stood frozen in place, staring at a very large man wearing overalls with only one strap buckled and no shirt. His hair was long and hung in a ponytail down his back.
He didn’t smile or say anything else as he continued to point the rifle at me, so I was surprised to hear myself ask, “Ryan, is that you?”.


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