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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I promise it's fiction!

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OK, you guys are funny!

I promise, promise, promise my novel is fiction! lol!

I did give the main character my name because The Day Ginger Snapped sounds way better than The Day Margaret Snapped or any other name. Her friends in the bar...Linda, Bonnie, Gail and Brent are the names of real friends of mine that I have spent many, many happy hours with, but they are also nothing like their name sakes in the book.

There is a chapter coming up in which the fake Ginger gives a speak about who she is and what she wants that is almost word for word like one I gave about myself around the time I wrote that chapter. The reaction she gets is NOTHING like the reaction I got! (She's the lucky one)

She is in a scary place right now, but I promise she gets the best of Kyle and will move on to a happy ending. I even made sure her friends ended up happy too!

In April, the same site that sponsored the novel writing in November is sponsoring a screen writing month. I don't think I'll even try to tackle that one! lol! I know even less about screen writing than I do about novel writing.

But then again, how about.....

The Day Ginger Snapped ~
The Musicial

LOL! I think I'll just wait for November and try the novel writing again.


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