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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sad facts

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Now that I'm on vacation I should be living it up, but I'm not. To prove that I thought I would share some sad facts about my day with you.

1. When I weighed in on the wii fit I realized that I've put on 5 pounds since last Friday. Darn those frozen margaritas! (Apparently, calories DO count when you're on vacation!)

2. I had cheesecake for breakfast. (Don't Judge me!)

3. Earlier today my friend's 68 year old mother got more spins on the wii fit hula hoop challenge then I did. (Go Granny!)

4. For lunch today, my neighbor and I split an order of chicken nachos and a pitcher of margaritas. Again, don't judge! I read somewhere that 12 o'clock is the new 5 o'clock. (Actually, I just read that here...after I typed it. LOL!)

5. I had to take a nap today because my long day of cheesecake, wii fit and lunch wore me out.

6. I'm already planning the best time for tomorrow's nap.

That's how I spent my exciting day. Now, I'm going to get some more sleep. Enjoy your day!


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