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Sunday, February 19, 2017

This is so true.....

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Everyday, I talk or text with one of my Florida friends and we talk about how much we miss hanging out and need to get together.  For the first half of the school year I said, "We'll get together over Christmas when we come down."  Since Christmas I've been saying, "I'll see you this summer when we come back down."

Don't get me wrong, I've made some really good friends in Memphis, but they aren't my Florida girls.
I miss the happy hours we had after school on Fridays!  The first time I went out with a group from work here they kept telling me, "OMG!  We didn't know you were funny!"  My Florida friends know I'm a hot mess!

Last weekend we went to see Fifty Shades Darker.  We had dinner and one drink before the movie. My Florida friends smuggled vodka into the first 50 Shades movie and we still went out for dinner and more drinks afterwards.  That was the best way to make fun of how really bad the movie was!

On Sunday nights, my Florida friends and I have a long group text session as we watch The Walking Dead.  I haven't found even one person here who is willing to listen to me talk about what happened on the show.  How can these people not care about Daryl the way I do?

In Florida, the food delivery people knew me by name and every time I opened the door, I had hopes of The Cute Fajita Delivery Guy making a return.  Here my delivery choices aren't as varied and they aren't 24 hours a day seven days a week and so far, I haven't seen one delivery person who could even hold a candle to The Cute Fajita Delivery Guy.  Seriously, I don't even bother combing my hair or putting on make up for the delivery people here.

In Florida, the weather goes from beautiful and sunny one minute to all hell breaking loose the next and then back to beautiful again.  Here the weather goes from 30 something one day to 70 the next and then back to the 30s.  That's why I'm sick now!

Sorry for the self pity, but I've got a sinus infection that's kicking my butt and I miss my friends and OCG is out of town and I think that maybe the doctor gave me stronger medicine then I realized.

Just so you know, I"ll probably deny making this post and will try to blame it on the drugs.  LOL!


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