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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Which story should I tell first?

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I've got lots of things to tell you about today, but I'm tired and need to get up early in the morning so I'm going to pick and choose what you're forced to read about today and save the other stories for another time. 

I have to start with the aliens!

I had just gotten into bed Thursday night and was in that pre-sleep stage where you're not really asleep yet, but you also aren't fully awake either.  I heard a loud noise that woke me up completely and sat up to see lights coming from down the hallway.  Lights that flashed on and off several times and there was still noise, but it wasn't as loud the initial sound I had heard.

I sat up in bed and waited to see if someone was coming down the hall to kill me, but when no one came I jumped up and ran to see what was causing the lights and noise. 

Trust me, I was surprised that I ran toward the noise because my first instinct is always to run in the opposite direction!

Anyway, I got into the living room to find that the TV was on but the cable box was off.  The light and noise were the result of the static that was showing on the TV screen. 

I knew right away what had happened ~  aliens!  Aliens had come into my house and tried to watch TV.  Apparently, they aren't as technologically advanced as one would think because they couldn't figure out the remote.  lol!

I turned the TV off, asked the aliens to please be quiet and to leave the ghost in the bathroom alone then I headed back to bed.  The aliens were very polite and didn't wake me up again.

For the record, I never saw the aliens but that doesn't mean they weren't there! 

School on Friday was filled with the normal things...dirt, popcorn seeds that refused to grow, Donald Duck band aids, etc....  I'll fill you in on the dirt and popcorn seeds later.

What I though was supposed to be dinner with Orange Croc Guy on Friday night turned into dinner with OCG, my neighbors and their friend......Jose.  Remember the Jose story

Talk about an awkward dinner! 

After suffering through awkward glares from my neighbors, refusing to make eye contact with Jose, praying OCG wouldn't notice any of it and drinking way too many margaritas I decided to tell everyone about the aliens.

They weren't as impressed as I was! 

Here's how they responded...after laughing at me...

OCG:  (shaking his head and looking at everyone but me) Welcome to my life!

Neighbors: Did you consider the fact that maybe it was just a power surge or something?

Me:  Yes, but I ruled that out.

Neighbors: Why?

Me:  Because if there can be aliens on American Horror Story there can be aliens in my living room!

OCG:  It's hard to take you seriously when you have a Donald Duck band aid on your hand.

Me:  I teach Kindergarten!  This was all I had in my class.

Neighbors:  Maybe it was the ghost watching TV.

OCG:  (a little too loudly!) Don't encourage her! 

Me:  It wasn't the ghost.  He just stays in the bathroom and flushes the toilet for no reason.

Neighbors:  Your ghost is a "he"?

Me:  In my mind it's a he.....and he's really hot!

Neighbors:  What do the aliens look like?

Me:  I didn't get to see them, but in my mind they're short and green and they like to watch TV.

OCG:  I'm going to need another drink and I know I'm going to hate myself for asking this question but why would aliens come to your house when they could go anywhere they wanted to?

Me:  I'm awesome! Who wouldn't want to come to my house!

Jose stayed very quiet during my story and I'm guessing he won't be asking my neighbors to try and fix us up anymore.  lol!  OCG and my neighbors laughed and rolled their eyes, which is pretty much normal behavior for them.

If you guys want to come to Miami and hang out just let me know cause I really think I need a new set of friends!


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