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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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So, you know how when someone gets or thinks they got a little bit of power they go all, "I'm the best! No one is better than me!" Crazy?

Well, that happened to one of the girls I work with this year.

We used to be friends. Now she's just someone I work with.

Everyone has some very nice (and by that, I mean very naughty) nicknames they now use behind her back.  I didn't make any of them up, but I certainly understand how she earned them.

On Tuesday we're all supposed to take our classes over to the main cafeteria for a fundraiser kickoff to promote those stupid "World's Finest Chocolate" sale that parents everywhere are tortured with every year.

Don't even get me started on how I think that company should be sued for false advertising because they DO NOT have the "World's Finest Chocolate"!

Also, you really DON'T want to get me started on how stupid it is that my principal thinks this is worthy of interrupting class time, but heaven forbid we give kindergarten kids an art project or take up an entire day right before Christmas reading The Polar Express and pretending to actually go to the North Pole!

Anyway, I'm in class Monday morning and there's a loud knock on the door and look up to see Ms. I'm Better Than Everyone In The Whole World standing there.

I felt sick. Nothing good ever comes of her intrusions.

Earlier in the year, I even told her that everytime she comes around I just want to slit my wrist.  She thought I was joking.

Not so much!

I open the door to have her ask me if I'm going to the fundraiser rally.  I say that I thought it was on Tuesday and not on Monday.  She informs me that I am wrong.  It was today and the principal even said it on the morning announcements.

I quickly line my class up as she moves on to the next door to let that teacher know she also forgot.

You see, she knocked on EVERY kindergarten teacher's door to let us know that she was wonderful and remembered we sucked and forgot.

We all rushed our kids over to the main campus only to find out that no one was waiting for us in the cafeteria.  We stood there and waited while I told everyone that I was pretty sure it was on Tuesday.

Eventually, my principal came out laughing because.....wait for it.....


Score one for the underdog!


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