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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I survived another day

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Isn't it amazing that no matter how sick you feel you're always more comfortable in your own home? I'm still moving in slow motion, but I felt so much better today than yesterday. I'm convinced that 99% of that is because I was at home! Of course, sleeping through most of the day probably helped too. LOL!

I've never been big on using elevators. I would rather take the stairs if possible. It isn't a fitness thing, it's more of a claustrophobia thing. Like I've told you before---you wouldn't want to get stuck in an elevator with me. Since getting sick I've purposely looked for reasons to use the elevator. LOL!

I ventured out to the grocery store today cause after 10 days in the hospital I needed food! LOL! I parked in the garage and walked to the top of the stairs. I actually had to stand there for a minute and decide if I had the energy to walk DOWN the flight of stairs or if I wanted to go around and use the elevator. How sad is that?!?! I bit the bullet and took the stairs. Now, if I had needed to walk up them I would have used the elevator! I'm so pitiful.

After doing my shopping, which wore me out, I took the little people pusher/escalator back up to the parking garage. Once, I got home I called the valet to bring the groceries in for me and then I took a nap. That's how I spent my first exciting day out of the hospital.

Now, Thursday is going to be a whole other story. I'm heading back to school. No elevators, people pushers or nap time there. This will be a real test! I hope I survive. I hope the kids survive. LOL!

While I was sick April, Flower Scraps and Shel Belle all released some adorable kits. I just can't wait to feel better so that I can start playing with them. I can't get over the talent these girls have and I am so, so lucky to be able to work with them!

April has put two new kits in her store. The first one is called New Home Kit and is perfect for anyone doing some remodeling or moving. Here's a preview for you...

The second kit April added to her store is called Fishing With Dad and has lots of goodies for the fishermen in your life. Here's the preview...

Flower Scraps has been giving away an adorable set called Snakes and Snails on her blog. The other members of her CT have put together some of the cutest pages with this kit. You just have to go check them out and pick up the kit while you're there. Here's the preview...

Shel Belle Scraps has been giving away the most amazing kit called Mimosa. Admit it, the name alone makes you want the kit! LOL! Well, you can get it for free! Check out the layouts using the kit while you're at her blog. Here's the preview...

I just want to play with all of the kits at the same time! Hopefully, I'll feel like playing when the weekend arrives.

I've got to get some sleep if I'm going to make it through a day at work. Wish me luck and enjoy your day.


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