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Monday, April 2, 2012

Who am I?

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I have a photography assignment that I am struggling with cause it has to be about me. I don't have to be in the photo, but the photo has to say something about me.

I don't want to say anything about me! At least, I don't want to show a photo about me to people who will be looking at the photo while I'm standing there watching them look at the photo that's about me. That's just uncomfortable.....and weird. I haven't known these people long enough to let them see a photo about me!

What is it that I want them to know? How much am I willing to share? How much should I share?

With my luck someone in the back of the class will yell out, "TMI! TMI!" and take off running from the room will their hands covering their eyes. Then they'll run into a wall and I'll get sued for causing their temporary blindness and the bump on their foreheads. Plus, I'll probably also have to pay for the damage to the wall.

This whole sharing thing is a bad, bad idea!

But, I have to do it cause I'm a teacher and teacher's always do their homework. Right?

So, I asked myself.....Who am I?

Then it hit me that if someone wants to know who I am all they have to do is read my blog.
So, I'm thinking I'll just pull up the old blog on the computer and take a picture.

While it's a simple idea, it shows who I am and should save me from getting sued. I mean people may have to look at the photo in class, but no one is going to make them go home and read the blog. If they choose to actually read anything, they'll be doing it at their own risk. Right?

If the computer picture is too boring I can always put things around it that I like. I can always add some chocolate and a bottle of tequila. lol!

I'm still very uncomfortable about all of this!

Why don't you guys make me feel better by sharing pictures about you and your personal space? Just post it on your blog and leave a link here.

I promise I won't sue!


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