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Monday, February 13, 2012

My weekend...

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It rained here last week...a lot! It rained and I didn't like it. Friday morning my street was flooded and I had to head out earlier than usual to take Orange Croc Guy to the airport before I went to school.

Now, before I go further into this story I need to tell you two things. The first is that I don't recommend you stay up two hours later than you usually do when you have to wake up and hour earlier than usual. The second is that OCG is really grumpy that early in the morning!

I guess I should also make another confession about my driving. You know how that whole claustrophobia thing gets to me sometimes? Well, when I'm in the car I'm not immune. Parking garages used to really get to me, but I'm better about them now. Being in the parking garage itself didn't bother me. It was being inside the car in the garage that bothered me. I would make this kind of humming sound from the moment the car entered the garage until I got parked and out of the car.

It wasn't a pretty "Look at me, I should have been a rock star!" kind of hum. It was more like The Shining "red rum" kind of hum and I didn't even know I was doing it until people started pointing it out to me. Actually, they didn't point it out as much as they laughed. So, I've gotten better about the hum.....kind of.

Anyway, very early Friday morning we're heading out to the airport and before we're not even out of the garage the little light comes on that lets me know I need gas. OCG wasn't happy about that!

OCG: Why didn't you just get gas yesterday? You knew we would be leaving early today.

ME: I didn't know I needed gas yesterday.

OCG: What do you mean you didn't know?

ME: The light wasn't on yesterday.

(FYI: I did know I needed gas, but it was raining and I just didn't want to bother!)

We make it out of the garage and onto the flooded streets. NO FUN! We stop at the service station and OCG fills the tank. We head toward the causeway so that I can drive in the complete opposite direction of school and drop him off at the airport.

I drive onto the causeway and I'm stuck in the right hand lane because of a stupid bus. I was ok at first cause I figured I would just move pass the bus and get into the left hand lane where I'm more comfortable. It's that stupid claustrophobia thing again. I start to feel boxed in if I don't have space beside me. I usually cover this up with my awesome/horrible driving skills.

The roads were soaked and it was still raining and traffic wasn't moving fast at all. The stupid bus stayed in the lane beside me and I couldn't get around it because there was another bus in front of me. I thought about slowing down to let the bus pass me so that I could fall in behind it then move over to the left hand lane. I checked the rear view mirror only to see another bus coming up behind me. I was trapped! One bus in front of me, one bus beside me and another one behind me! OCG could look out his window and see water, but I was trapped.

Without realizing that I was saying it out loud I started quickly chanting, "I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe" over and over. OCG was not amused! I told him the buses were gaining up on me, but he sided with the buses.

OCG: Ginger, I don't think the bus drivers want your Volkswagen.

ME: You don't "think" but you don't know do you?

He responded by saying something that I probably shouldn't post here.

Luckily, for all the drivers on the road, I was able to get away from the buses, change lanes and deliver him to the airport. Once we arrived and he was getting his stuff together to exit the car he said he would just take a taxi when he gets back on Monday. lol!

Sure, he'll take a taxi on a random Monday evening, but at 6AM on a rainy Friday morning I have to drive him. MEN!

His final words to me were: Don't get arrested, don't touch my video games, don't google Russell Brand and don't drink too much tequila.

So, here it is late Sunday evening, I'm about to go to sleep and I can proudly announce that so far.....I haven't been arrested!


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