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Friday, May 12, 2017

It wasn't my fault!

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I know I disappeared again, but it wasn't my fault this time!  You can thank Comcast this time! 

Just in case I haven't said this lately, Comcast sucks and I hate them!

My cable and internet went out.  After several phone calls with what they call "customer service", I finally convinced them that no matter how many times I unplugged everything and waited 30 seconds nothing was going to work! 

They decided that I needed a new box, and because of my schedule it was a couple of days before I could stop by to pick one up.  I got home, connected everything again and.....NOTHING!  No cable, no internet, NOTHING!  I watched a YouTube video on my phone to make sure I had everything connected correctly before once again calling Comcast. 

The guy who was tormenting...."helping" me made me unplug everything and wait for 30 seconds three times before he decided that I must have everything connected wrong.  He made me unhook everything and then he carefully talked me through reconnecting everything THE SAME EXACT WAY I had it connected to begin with!  We then played the unplug and wait game three more times before he decided that they were going to have to send someone out to take care of it in person. 

I needed to wait for a weekend appointment that finally arrived and after an hour the guy got everything working, but said that someone else would still need to come out and rewire everything.  He called and set up another weekend appointment for me. Thirty minutes after he left.....everything stopped working again.  The cable eventually came back up, but not the internet.

The weekend came and everything finally got fixed......FINGERS CROSSED!  But, then it ws the last week of school and I was tired so I waited until today to catch up on everything.

So, you can blame Comcast this time and if everything goes out again you can start collecting money for my bail.  I'm probably going to need lots!


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