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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm blaming Ke$ha!

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I think one of my friends are mad at me and I understand his anger cause he thinks I let him down.  But, honestly, I didn't mean to let him down and it was all just a misunderstanding!

I had promised to be part of a conference call today and give a statement to someone from the state on his behalf.  He had called and texted and emailed reminders cause he knows how I can be sometimes.

I was at school and thinking about leaving for the day when I noticed it was almost time for the conference call and decided to just stay at school and do a little more work.  You see I was trying to be responsible.  I thought it would be better to stay at school until the call came in so that I wouldn't end up talking to my friend and someone from the state as I sped south down the interstate and said mean things about all the people I thought were driving too slowly.

That's what a good friend I am!

The call never came.  I kept my phone close to me and checked it often, but there was no call.  I was given a 30 minute time frame for the call and I waited through that plus an extra 30 minutes, but I promise you there was no call!

I decided that they must not have needed to talk to me after all, packed up my stuff and headed for home.  Right before I left the building I sent a text letting him know that I hadn't gotten a call and asked how everything had gone.

As I got into the car I received a text letting me know that they had actually called me twice and the call went to voicemail both times.  They even left me a message.  I read the text using my friend's angry voice so I know he was mad!

I checked my phone---No missed calls.  No voice mails.  Why hadn't anyone called me? Someone should have called me!

That's when it hit me!  They hadn't called my cellphone ~ they had called my house.  Why?  Why would they do that?  No one calls the house phone.  It's strictly for the security guards at the main gate.  They call and let me know that my dinner has arrived and is on it's way up.  Other than that, there's the occasional wrong number or the poor telemarketer that gets hung up on.

No one calls the house phone!  Honestly, I didn't even know that my friend knew my house number.  In all the years that I've known him I can't remember one time that he called on that line!

I quickly called my friend, but he let the call go to his voicemail. (Pay back!)  I left a message apologizing then hung up and sent another text apologizing.

He eventually texted back that he would just call me tomorrow.  I could tell that he was still upset because once again I read the message using his angry voice. 

I didn't want him to be angry with me anymore so I tried using his happy voice and his "I've had too much to drink" voice, but they just didn't sound right.  I had let him down and he was angry.

Part of me hoped that they had somehow called a wrong number and some random person out in the world was listening to the message they had left for me, but I had to get home and check my phone before I would know for sure.  So, I did the only thing I could do ~ I got in the car and headed for home.

I was still sad about letting my friend down, so I cheered myself up by speeding through the express lanes ~ umm, I mean, driving like a responsible person ~ and doing my best Ke$ha imitation.  Trust me, my best Ke$ha imitation isn't very good at all, but it sure is loud!  lol!

I had fun singing...

So while you're here in my arms
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young
We're gonna die young
We're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

It was very loud and very off key and very awesome!

BUT.....as the song ended, I turned the volume down on the radio cause I didn't want to hear the DJ talking and I had to listen for all the applause from the drivers in the cars around me. 

I didn't hear any applause from the other drivers (haters!), but I did hear my phone letting me know that I had a voicemail.  I got all excited thinking that my friend wasn't angry anymore and picked up the phone to hear his message.

The message wasn't from him.  It was the doctor with the call I've waited for since last Tuesday and I had missed it.

I had missed the call because I was singing the worst song lyrics I could possibly have been singing when the phone rang. 

Dang you, Ke$ha!  You just had to sing about dying young didn't you?  What was wrong with all that glitter on the floor?  Why didn't you just keep singing about that?

I listened the the message from the doctor more times than I should have and I tried to analyze the message to pick up clues.  If I hadn't been so busy analyzing the message I could have actually returned the call before the doctor's office closed for the day, but NOOOOOOO.... I didn't do that because that would have made sense and I'm a natural blonde.

(OK, maybe it all had something to do with the fact that I was a little afraid to make the call.)

Here's what I picked up from listening the message....

1. It was the doctor who called and not the nurse practitioner.
2. She sounded very cheery.
3. She said it was a "Follow up call"

Here's what my natural blonde detective skills have deduced from the message.....

Absolutely nothing!

I'm not a very good detective.  So, I just have to wait until the office opens on Thursday and call in to get the news.

The only thing I know for sure is that I won't be singing Ke$ha on my drive in to work!


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