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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am so happy!

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I am so happy that election day has finally past!  If there had been another week before voting, I may not have survived and if I did survive there's a good chance that some of my friends wouldn't have.  Seriously!

I have never seen an election that polarized so many people!  I was really getting tired of all the automated phone calls, Facebook postings and nasty TV commercials.    

The only political commercials I've enjoyed this time around were the fake ones they showed on Dancing with the Stars Monday night!

I went to vote before going to school and I was lucky.  There was a wait, but it was a small one and was much better than the wait some of my early voting friends endured.

The guy tried to hand me my "I voted" sticker and I told him that was ok I didn't want it.  He was a little offended and asked, "You don't want people to know you voted?"  I explained that I didn't want my boss to know I had voted because we were allowed to leave work early on election days to go vote.  If the man knew I had already voted he would have said there was no reason for me to leave early.  lol!

Now, that's enough political talk!

Monday morning I was driving to work and turned on the radio in the middle of a conversation between the radio people and some lady who had called in.  I have no idea what prompted the call or how the conversation started, but this lady had called in to talk about how she had once broken up with a guy because he wore crocs. 

Well, after I listened to the end of the conversation and after I stopped laughing, I had to call Orange Croc Guy and tell him what I had heard.  He did not find the radio conversation as funny as I did.  The fact that he was still sleeping and my phone call woke him up may have had something to do with that.

OCG:  Ginger, are you kidding me?

ME:  No, that's what she said.  Isn't it funny?  Hey, you weren't the guy she broke up with were you?

OCG:  OMG!  Why are you doing this to me?  It's been years since you've even seen those stupid shoes.

ME:  I don't have to see them.  I already know they exist and that's enough for me.

OCG:  I'm hanging up on you now.

ME:  I don't care cause you wear orange crocs!

Orange Croc Guy did NOT cook dinner for me Monday night!

I can't imagine why!  lol! 


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