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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Words of wisdom...

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I woke up Thursday morning to a super nice email from Paula, who had found the post I made last year for the girls I knew who were graduating high school. I left for school feeling all sentimental.

As I was driving to school, they played Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen) on the radio. I hadn't heard that in a couple of years, but I remember when it first came out and you heard it all the time. Well, now those sentimental feelings were actually tears.

I arrived at school ready for a great last day only to find an email from my principal telling ALL of the Kindergarten teachers to pack up ALL of our stuff, because ONE of us would be moving. At this point the tears took on a whole other meaning.

I told my principal I would cry like a baby if he made me move. He offered to sit and cry with me. I offered him bribe money to leave me where I am---one whole tax free dollar---he wasn't interested. I said there weren't enough boxes available for all of us to pack up our stuff and to please, PLEASE just give us the news---good or bad. He promised to do just that by the end of the day.

By lunch time, the teacher that joined our grade level this year volunteered to move. She said that it was only fair since the rest of us were established and attached to our rooms. I tried to give her the bribe money, but she didn't want it either.

After school, the parents were picking up their kids and lots of hugs were given, good-byes were said and promises to come back for a visit were made. One parent cornered me and I had to stop her before she started speaking. I let her know that the only rule I had at this point was that you shouldn't make me cry.

She thanked me for everything. She said that she had sent me a little boy who could barely even recite his ABCs and I had sent back a little man who could read. She made me cry. She broke the rules. I didn't offer her the bribe money.

I don't really know anyone who is graduating this year, but like I said I'm feeling all sentimental so I though I would add some wisdom to go with last year's post. Afterall, I know that at least one of those girls isn't following the advice I gave then. (Miss Mary, I know that you're reading this and YES I am talking about you!) This is based on the lessons I have learned or had to relearn this year.

Here goes......

1. You probably shouldn't try to bribe people, but if you do make sure you have more than one dollar in your pocket.

2. It will always rain when you least want it to.

3. Sometimes it is the person you least expect to have any influence on your life that will make the biggest impact.

4. Some people are just mean. Try to be nice to them anyway.

5. Life will be comfortable inside your comfort zone, but comfortable is all that it will ever be. Don't you want more than that? Don't you deserve more than that? Don't we all?

6. There will always be people with advice on what they think you should do. Most will have good intentions. Listen to what they say, but use your head and your heart to decide what is best for you.

7. Dr. Seuss will always give better advice than I will.

8. Listen to Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen).
Get over the fact that it's from over ten years ago and listen. Then, listen to it again. After that, listen to it at least once a year every year. I promise that each year you will find new meaning in the words.


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