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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Happy Ending

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First of all, let me say thank you for the advice you gave in my earlier post. I should have taken it. I should have listened. I mean everything you said was true and it matched the answers I got from the magic eight ball and when I tossed a coin to decide what to do. I even did a two out of three deal on the coin toss. lol!

FYI: If you have an obligation that you really don't want to keep and you resort to coin flipping to decide what to do --- everyone involved will be better off if you just break the obligation!

I tried to do what I was supposed to do because I thought it was the right thing, but when the right thing makes you cry, maybe it's not really the right thing afterall.

I gave Orange Croc Guy a call and let him know that I was over everything and on my way home. The guy knows me so well that he met me with a pitcher of margaritas. Then to make everything even better he offered to treat me to fajitas!

That's right! He actually encouraged me to order them so the cute fajita guy would come over AND he didn't even make fun of me like he usually does. OCG really does rock!

The cute fajita delivery guy arrived and said he was glad to see me! He totally rocks too!

Now, the only problem I have in my life is the cold I seem to be developing. The cold I had no signs of until yesterday---three days after my doctor insisted that I just had to get the pertussis shot.

I'll let you know in a day of two how mad I am at my doctor. lol!


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