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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What freaks you out?

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OK, so you already know that I'm a little claustrophobic, but did you know that gingerbread men freak me out too? I know, crazy huh? It's true though.

Around this time every year people pull out their gingerbread men ornaments for Christmas and I just can't stand it! There's always someone who thinks it will be cute to buy me one of those ornaments since my name is Ginger. It's not cute and you shouldn't do it!

I know everyone looks at all the little Gingerbread men ornaments and sees cuteness. I just see evil. I really think they come to life after one is asleep and go out to do bad things in the world. I bet someday we'll learn that gingerbread men are responsible for a large part of the world's unsolved crimes.

A few years back I worked with a girl who had her kitchen decorated with gingerbread men. Her kitchen was like this all year long, not just for Christmas! I visited her house one time and never went back.

Anyway, I'm bringing this up now because I had to explain my fear to someone today that laughed hysterically at me. I'm pretty sure he thought I was joking, but I wasn't. Those creatures really do freak me out!

So, what freaks you out? Don't be afraid to talk about it. We're all friends here.


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