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Sunday, January 15, 2017

What a week!

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So, I got to school on Monday and found that the smoke alarm was going off.  The lights were flashing and everything!

I tend to get to work early so there were only a few other cars in the parking lot.  I went into the building, but didn't see anyone so I went back out to my car.  I decided I would sit out there to drink my hot chocolate and  eat my blueberry muffin. 

I sent my principal a text and she called me immediately.  She wanted to know if the building supervisor was there and if she could turn the alarm off.  As i was talking to her, the building supervisor pulled up and so my friend that teaches third grade and I decided to go ahead and reenter the building.  We hung out in my room for a while before she wondered off to start her day.

The alarm was still going off, so I decided to wander down to the office.  I found the principal's secretary and the building supervisor trying to get the alarm off.  As I was there talking to them, the fire trucks arrived.  LOL!

I told them we needed to let the firemen in because they might be cute.  Then I took off to open the front door for them.  LOL!  They weren't surprised to be there, because according to them, the alarm had gone off over the weekend too.

The firemen didn't even leave the office to walk the building.  My hopes of getting the day off due to fire were completely dashed!

As more people started to arrive for the day the alarm continued to go on and off and we all laughed about it until one of the kindergarten teachers on my hallway arrived.  She opened her door to find that water was coming from the ceiling and that she had a nice little indoor pool covering her floor. 

We were all standing in the hallway talking it when smoke started filling up her room and the fire alarm went off yet again.  My principal came over the intercom and told everyone to disregard the alarm because it was just a malfunction.  We got a good laugh out of that as smoke slowly filled her classroom and we all just stood there watching. 

One teacher ran into my room and buzzed the office to tell them it's not a malfunction and another grabbed her coat and purse and said, "Come on ya'll, we've got to get out of here!"  She continued to come in and out of the hallway telling us that we had to "get out", but I think that was just wishful thinking on her part.

My principal came down the hallway and checked everything out.  She announced that the door to the smoky classroom should be closed and those children would have to spend the day in the computer lab.  She then told the rest of us to go back to our classes because everything was fine.  She wasn't amused by the very disappointed, "Oh, man!'  that I exclaimed or by the teacher who had declared that we must all leave coming back into the building from her car and announcing that she had been out there waiting for the rest of us.

We survived the day and so the building.

On Wednesday, I managed to go to school with my pants on backwards.  Sadly, I didn't realize it until I got home at around 6:30 that night after a very long day of wearing pants that didn't feel right.  Luckily, I was wearing a top that was long enough to cover up my mistake and if anyone noticed or figured out what I had done, they didn't say anything.

On Friday, my PreK supervisor was in the building for the second time this week helping the new PreK teacher who started about a week and half before we got out for Christmas.  I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone from the district anywhere near my classroom on a Friday! 

The new teacher isn't new to teaching.  She actually retired in May after twenty something years of teaching.  She said that she was coming back into the class room because she was bored.  When I retire, I plan to be lots of things and BORED isn't one of them!

PreK is proving to be a little more challenging than this lady expected and so I'm afraid that means we'll have someone from the district around quite often.  That means I have to be good and that is going to be so hard!

Wish me luck!


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