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Friday, April 27, 2012

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The Story of Me part 37

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November 28, 1996

Leo arrived at the Harrison’s house early in the morning to celebrate what he called his first real Thanksgiving Dinner. He had explained that holiday meals at the group home were just like any other meal unless people from one of the local churches brought over some food. Then he went on to explain that no one had done that lately because last Christmas some of the older kids had pick pocketed all the people who had brought food and presents for them.

Leo knocked on the door then entered the home without waiting for anyone to open the door or give him permission to enter. He spent so much time with Harmony and at the Harrison’s house that they had told him to think of it as his home too.

“Leo what are you doing here so early? We’re barely awake.” Mary laughed as she walked into the room to greet him.

“It’s Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to miss anything.” Leo said as he held out some fresh flowers for Mrs. Harrison.

Mary took the flowers, smelled them then smiled at Leo. “Didn’t we tell you to stop taking flowers from people’s yard?”

“Someday I’ll have a job and I’ll make lots of money and I promise I’ll buy flowers for every home between here and the group home to make up for the ones I’ve taken.” Leo stated matter of factly.

“I believe that you will. For now, you can come help me in the kitchen.” Mary said.


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