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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Magic Eight Ball is a Liar!

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I should have known better! This has happened to me before!

I bought a ticket for the $194 million powerball and asked the magic ball if I was going to win.  It said that I was!

In my head I was already spending that money and planning how spectacularly I was going to quit my job.  I mean it's $194 million! I would need to budget, but I knew I would be OK.

I didn't win!  I didn't even match one single number!  The magic eight ball lied.....again!

After looking at the numbers I asked the magic eight ball if it would lie to me and it replied.....YES!

That little stinker!

The good news...for me anyway...is that no one won and the jackpot is worth even more money.

Does anyone have $2 I can borrow to buy another ticket?


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