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Saturday, August 7, 2010


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So, earlier today my neighbor comes running over all excited to tell me about how she had unlocked the lighthouse on that stupid walking game she bought. I love lighthouses and she thought I would be all excited too. I wasn't!

Her: Don't you want to come see it?
Me: No
Her: But why, you love lighthouses!
Me: Oh honey, that's not a real lighthouse.
Her: Yes it is...come look!
Me: You really want me to put down these wonderful chips I'm eating, stop watching this show
that I recorded last night and come with you so you can show me a fake lighthouse on a
fake island?
Her: uh...yesssss!
Me: Not going to happen
Her: Please!
Me: Is the cute fajita delivery guy waiting for me at the top of this fake lighthouse?
Her: Get over the delivery guy already....he's gone!
Me: Now, you're just being mean for no reason.
Her: You really aren't going to come look are you?
Me: Nope
Her: (giving up and plooping down on the couch) Pass the potato chips.



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