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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 56

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So.....I have my car back and I'm not even a little bit happy!

I got a message that I could turn the rental in and pick up my car so I headed on over.  The guy at the Hertz place wasn't in as big of a hurry to get me out this time.  I took advantage of the time I was in his office to ask him about the oil change sticker saying the oil hadn't been changed in a LOOOONG time.  He assured me that the sticker was wrong.  Of course, I have a hard time believing anything these people say!

I got the slip saying that I had turned in the loaner and headed over to the other side of the lot to get my car.  I took a short cut through the sales room.  As soon as I walked in I had a salesman jump up and ask how I was doing.  I told him that I would let him know in a few minutes as I continued to walk.  He laughed and told me to let him know if I needed back up.  Before I made my way across the sales floor and out the door on the other side  I had one other guy ask me the same question.  He got the same answer that the first guy got, but he didn't offer to back me up.  Instead, he opened the door and showed me the way out.  LOL!

I go to find my so called "service rep".  She's in her little tool booth looking office with the doors on both sides closed and her back to me as she's on the phone.  I used the fingernail on my pointer finger to tap on the glass just to let her know that I was there.  I didn't pound or bang on the glass, I tapped with my fingernail!  I swear that's all I did!

This "service rep"  turned around rolled her eyes at me and then turned her back on me again.  Loud enough for her to hear me through the glass I said, "OMG!  Could you be a little more rude?"  At this point, she turned around again, held up her finger and mouthed the words, "Just one minute."

You stupid, crazy woman, that's what you should have done in the first place instead of rolling your eyes at me!

I took off in hopes of finding someone who would be willing to help me.  Of course, I had no luck!  Everyone just kept sending me that to little miss eye roller.

She eventually got off the phone, and printed out the paperwork she needed me to sign then walked me over to the cashier.  She then ignored me and busied herself with some fake copy jam on the printer while the cashier handed me the paper work and asked me to sign.

I asked where the paperwork was for the new warranty on the engine.  The cashier turned to look at little miss rolly eyes who never took her eyes off the copy machine as she answered, "We rebuilt your engine so it's the same warranty."

When I reminded her of our phone conversation, she continued to busy herself with the all important copy machine and replied, "We ordered parts to rebuild the engine. Since there was less than 70% damage done to the engine itself we rebuilt it instead of replacing it."

I pointed out that no one had bothered to call me and point out this new development.  The cashier continued to look at the rude eye roller and the rude eye roller continued to look at the copy machine.

Maybe if they would pay just a fraction of the attention to my car that the stupid copy machine was getting I wouldn't have had car trouble in the first place!

It wasn't until I asked for a phone number that belonged to someone above anyone working at the dealership that I became more important than the copy machine.  Getting a phone number meant another walk out the toll booth looking office and told that, "There are so many different numbers!"  I'm pretty sure that was code for, "I'm so giving you the wrong number."

My final words to little miss rude eyes were.....

You called me and said that you were replacing the engine with a new one.  The moment that changed you should have called me again but you didn't.  This smells like the kind of scam you pull when you know that you've sold a car that is going to continue to have nothing but trouble and you want the warranty to hurry up and run out so that you don't have to pay for it.

I walked away then and I'm pretty sure I felt her rolling her eyes at me  behind my back.

So, I"m stuck with a stupid car that I no longer trust or want from an awful dealership that I will never return to again.  I have a phone number that may or may not connect me to someone in the right department at the right place who may actually care, but will probably just roll their eyes at me through the phone line.

I haven't tried calling yet, because I seriously needed some calm down time first!

  I have sent an email directly to Jeep letting them know that I really need someone to call me because the 256 allowed characters on their email form weren't nearly enough for me!

I've also copied every post I've made here and sent them directly to the lousy dealership,

I'll keep you guys updated!


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