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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My kind of day!

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I knew I was going to have a great day when I stopped at the grocery store. I promised my class ice cream and was on my way to Publix to pick it up. There was some kind of filming going on at the top level of the parking garage. There was extra traffic going in, a posted sign that directed the "talent and crew" to the seventh level, and some guy giving parking passes for those going up to the seventh level. Guess you got stopped from heading up that way if you didn't have the pass. I saw a couple of the people he gave passes to and they were "pretty people"!

Now, most days, things like this are a pain! But not today! Today, the nice guy giving out the parking passes tried to give me one. He thought I was one of the pretty people! I wanted to kiss him right on the lips and then I wanted to ditch work and hang out with the pretty people. I decided against that though when I got a mental image of the poor sub after my class learned they wouldn't be getting the ice cream they earned. lol!

While I'm sure I would have totally enjoyed my day with the pretty people, I would have missed out on two really good laughs that my class provided.

The first laugh came when I turned on the music today and accidentally hit the button that slowed it down. The noise that came out was slow and deep and funny sounding. As I was going to turn it off I asked why it sounded like that and half my class answered by saying, "It's angry!"

My second laugh came later in the day when one of the boys bragged that he could spell "car" without looking. I told him to go for it and he spelled "car" ------

B - M - W

I bet the pretty people didn't get those kinds of laughs today!


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