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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blame it on the oven!

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So, the other day Orange Croc Guy was playing handyman and rehanging the curtains that I tried to hang all by myself only to have them fall on my head at night while I was sleeping. 

He decided that I actually needed to cook a meal to repay him.  I'm not sure why he thought he needed to be punished though.  lol!

Well, Sunday night was out because we had plans and so was Monday night because I had plans.  So, Tuesday night I cooked dinner.  (That's tonight, but it will probably be last night by the time I get this typed up and posted ~ we'll blame the glasses for that, but I'll save that story for another post.) 

I decided to make this chicken cheese thing that's not too hard and is something that I can actually kind of cook without having to worry about looking up the number for the CDC or the poison hotline.  Plus, you just kind of mix it together and put it in the oven so it's pretty simple.

Well, I did my best Julia Child imitation and got everything placed into the oven and went about my business.  It wasn't until I was ready to open up a box of something and a can of something else to use as  side dishes that I realized that while the chicken should be almost done cooking I couldn't smell it at all. 

I checked the oven and it was cold.  I had turned it on and the little red oven light was shining as proof that I had turned it on, but it just never warmed up.  Apparently, the heating element had burned out.

OCG just couldn't understand how I didn't know that the oven wasn't working.  I explained that it had worked the last time I used it, but I really couldn't remember when that was.  lol!

We ordered pizza!


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