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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What happened was....

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OK, ok, I know I'm the bad blogger who told you that she was gong out to watch the Fourth of July fireworks and then disappeared for a week. But what happened was....absolutely nothing. lol!

I have never been so busy and yet so bored at the same time. There just hasn't been much to talk about.

I didn't get any photos of the fireworks, but as usual they were awesome! I love that I get to see so many different sets each year. All I have to do is go outside and I have perfect seating to watch fireworks from Fischer Island, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Downtown Miami and three or four other smaller sets. Life is good!

I joined the Miami Beach photography group and Sunday night we were out photographing the lights of Ocean Drive. There were about 20 of us and people thought we were paparazzi. Seriously! I can't tell you how many people walked up, stopped their cars or slowed down their scooters to ask what famous person we were waiting to photograph. lol!

Well, after awhile of having people ask this question I decided to have some fun. I thought it would be funny to answer with a different celebrity's name everytime someone asked me which famous person we were waiting on.

And...it was funny until I reached the point where I just couldn't think of any more celebrity names. When you start throwing out names like Scott Baio and Don Johnson it's time to end the joke! Plus, I felt bad for the group of girls that were sitting on the grass waiting for Justin Bieber to leave a restaurant and the for the boys who had their faces plastered against the window of a jewelry store looking for Katie Holmes.

I confessed to the girls that I was playing a joke on them and they laughed. Thank goodness! Turns out they had been calling their friends to brag about how they were going to see Justin
Bieber and their friends had laughed at them saying it just couldn't be true. They felt like they had been punked and said that at least they have a funny story to tell everyone.

I never confessed to the boys cause they had already given up and moved on.

I know we had all thought and hoped that I had learned my lesson about lying back when I had the flat tires and told the people from Triple A that I didn't know if I was in a safe neighborhood or not when I was really just a couple of blocks from where I work. Well, apparently I haven't learned that lesson yet (or maybe I did and just forgot!) so I spent most of today being punished by the universe.

I have to have something done at the hospital on Friday and they called me this morning to remind me of my appointment and here's how that conversation went...

Dude from hospital: Good morning, I'm calling to confirm your appointment for July 13.

Me: Thank you. I'll see you then.

Dude from hospital: You'll need to sign in at the welcome center.

Me: OK, thank you.

Dude from hospital: You also have a co-pay of three fifty four.

ME: What! Dollars?

Dude from hospital: Yes, $354

Universe, I am very VERY sorry for what I did, but is it really neccessary for you to team up with the insurance company against me? Couldn't you pay me back in some less expensive way?

Later in the day, I walked to the post office to mail a package and of course I had to wait in line once I got there. I noticed a guy---a really cute guy---who was off to the side getting his stuff filled out and ready to mail. I passed the time staring...um, I mean gazing at him. Once he had his stuff ready to go he came over to join the line and walked right past the two people who were behind me, asked me to excuse him and parked himself right in front of me.

Apparently, he (and the universe) decided that even though he hadn't been in line he belonged in front of me simply because he had entered the building before me and the two people who were behind me. I knew right away that this was another punishment but thought the joke was on the universe cause this was a tall good looking guy with a nice backside. I didn't mind standing behind him one little bit! lol!

I didn't mind standing behind him until it was his turn to get waited on and he was taking forever. Then two police officers entered and walked up to the counter asking, "Did you guys call us?" That took the other lady who was working away from the counter and left the one lady who was waiting on the tall good looking nice backsided guy who was taking way too long.

OK, universe, you got me again!

I'm spending the next three days in a workshop for school and something tells me that it's going to provide the universe with plenty of chances to punish me even further. I better get some sleep now so that I'll be ready to face it.

Wish me luck!


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