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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The universe continued to punish me today!

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OMG! I so completely understand why our mother's taught us not to lie.

I came close to calling Triple A today and apologizing for saying that I wasn't sure if I was in a safe area or not and asking them to please, please, please call off the bad karma vibes that had been sent my way as a result of the lie.....er, uummm......lies

I go out this morning and get into Orange Croc Guys car only to find that it is as dead a as doornail. It didn't even make a sound when I turned the key.

I go back, wake him up, give him the keys and he immediately asks, "What did you do to my car?" Why did he automatically assume that I had damaged his car? I was offended!

He doesn't believe me when I tell him his car has died and it's not my fault. He actually had to get up, get dressed and go out to the garage with me. Apparently, he decided that I needed a lesson in how to start a car.

Well, he couldn't start it either and at this point in time Female Logic 101 clearly states that everything is now HIS FAULT!

As he's trying to charge the battery (which wasn't cooperating) I start walking away and he calls after me...

OCG: Where are you going?
ME: (said in a tone that lets him know everything is now his fault) I'm going to the ATM to get some cash then I'm going out to the street to get into a taxi so I can go to work and after work I'm going to get a rental car like I should have done yesterday!

As I turned and walked away in a huff, like only a girl who has really angered the universe can he called after me: Good, cause I'm probably going to need a ride.

I had to keep walking because I was trying to be mad and it would not have done to have him see me laughing.

I now have a rental. His car has been fixed and is running perfectly. OCG did take great pleasure in the fact that his car got fixed in less than a day while mine is still sitting in the shop.

Whatever! I have a rental car now so I don't care.

But, I'm telling you right now that if you don't hear from me ever again it's because the universe is still out to get me and I have changed my name, dyed my hair and moved to another country!


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