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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photography class

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Saturday was my first photography class and I gotta tell you it was kind of scary at first. I had to be at Miami Dade College in downtown Miami at 9am. I knew where the campus was, but I had no idea where the building I needed was.

I got there about twenty minutes early so I had plenty of time to find a place to park (two blocks away from where I needed to be) and to locate the building. I got parked and started walking toward the campus. After asking two different people where the building I needed was I learned that I kind of needed to back track and head west a little.

I finally found the building and followed a large crowd into the elevator. (My first elevator experience since the horrible garage incident earlier in the week.) I got off on the fifth floor since my class was in room 5007. I stopped to orient myself and decide which way I needed to go in order to find the room.

There was an instructor on the way to her class that asked if I was in the right place. I laughed and said, "Well, I'm on the right floor. I just need to find room 5007." I'm sure you probably heard my heart pounding when she stopped walking and said that 5007 was in the basement. Being the blonde that I am I replied, "The basement? But, it starts with a 5!"

Thankfully, she was kind enough to explain the four digit room system to me. The first digit represents the building, the next is the floor and the last two are for the actual class room. So, room 5007 is in building 5 but not on the fifth floor.

I go back to the elevator and head down to the basement. The empty, scary basement! There was no one there except for me. The lights in room 5007 were turned off and no one was hanging around in the hallway. There were lots of noises, but no people. I stood in the hallway and waited. I had my phone in my hand and ready to go in case of an emergency. I figured I could dial 911 or throw it at someone and run screaming in the opposite direction.

Finally, someone else stepped off of the elevator and without hesitating I exhaled loudly and begged him to please tell me that he was looking for the photography class. He was and he was braver than I had been. He walked into the class room and turned on the lights. I followed him in and found myself a left handed desk that was one row over and two seats back from where he chose to sit so that I could keep my eye on him. A girl in a basement needs to be careful!

So, there we were, just the two of us, sitting in this scary class in the the scary basement with no one else around. I started sending text messages to my friend Mary in case I disappeared or something. I wanted her to know where I was and what I was doing so she could tell the police and they could use the information to help find me.

The guy gets up and says that he's going to get some water. I asked if he was planning to leave me in the basement while he went to the real class. He promised that he would be back and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. At this point, I texted my friend that I was scared and wanted my mommy. I'm not sure her "lol" response was appropriate!

The guy came back and another girl joined us in the room. She only spoke spanish. I was thinking that this was going to get interesting ~~~ Three people in the room. One only speaks English, one only speaks Spanish and the other speaks both languages. Then another girl entered the room, but I wasn't sure what language she spoke because she didn't return the "hello" I said to her. She just found a seat and got as comfortable as a person can get in those uncomfortable desks.

Now, there are four people in the room and none of them are the photography instructor. I started checking the ceiling corners looking for video cameras. I was beginning to wonder if we were all unwilling subjects in some sort of science experiment. Four people placed in a basement room to be watched while somewhere in the building there was an actual photography class going on. One speaks English, One speaks Spanish, One speaks both languages and one is too stuck up to speak at all. I sat there checking everyone out and totally planned to sell out the snobby girl in order to get my freedom.

Luckily, the instructor finally showed up (15 minutes late!) and more people drifted into the class. Turns out, I wasn't the only one walking around on the fifth floor looking for room 5007!

Anyway, the class the fun, I didn't disappear or throw my phone at anyone's head and the snobby girl finally broke her silence and was actually nice.

Plus, there's a bonus! Thanks to my experience, if you ever find yourself taking a class at Miami Dade College you already know where room 5007 is and that puts you one step ahead of me.

**Just make sure you respond when the scared looking blonde in the left handed desk says "hi" or you may have a cell phone thrown at your head as she runs screaming out of the room.**

And now you're two steps ahead of the game! Yep. I'm here to help. Just call me any time.


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