***If the download link isn't working, please, just right click on the word art and save it to your computer.***

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

***Attention Kris***

Download wordart here

Kris, I'm not sure why you're having trouble with the downloads. I've tried downloading them on different computers and had no trouble. If you want to email me, I'll be more than happy to get the things you want to you.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shel Belle Scraps is having a leap year sale!

Download wordart here

Get your credit cards ready girls cause tomorrow is February 29th and Shel Belle Scraps is having a one day only Leap Year sale. You don't want to miss this!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank you!

Download wordart here

Thank you for all the nice comments about my photos. Really, I'm over the whole being the worst photographer ever thing anyway. Who cares if the instructor loved some guys picture of a banister, but hated my plastic Jesus with the broken thumb? I am over it!

I have accepted the fact that maybe, just maybe, a plastic Jesus with a broken thumb in the middle of the woods with a beat up red pick up truck in the background doesn't make for a good picture. BUT.....I know it'll make a totally awesome country song!

Watch out Taylor Swift, here I come!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have a confession to make!

Download wordart here

I know I've told you all about my basement photography class and how much I'm enjoying it, but there's something else I should tell you. Something I need to confess.....

I am the worst photographer in the whole class!

I am the worst photographer in the whole basement!

My true confession is that.....I don't care! I'm having fun!

Every Saturday we get the photos we took during the week critiqued and today it was determined that I was in the class to serve as a bad example. At one point the instructor asked why I took a certain picture and I replied with an honest "I don't know!" That reply lead to him asking "What do you mean you don't know?" Once again I honestly replied by saying, "Have you met me?" lol!

The instructor made it clear during the first week of class that everything we did was do be done in the manual setting and we had to write down what white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed we used. After seeing my pictures today, he told me to go to the automatic settings from now on. I guess being the worst has advantages....now I get to let the camera do all the hard work for me. lol!

After sitting through the rest of my very long and painful critique I announced to everyone that I have now shown them what NOT to do and that I expect all of their pictures to be better next week. Being helpful feels so good. lol!

I was a little sad after class, but a couple of margaritas at lunch cleared that right up!

Now, I'm going to share my less than perfect photos with you. Critique away! Just remember that you'll have to think long and hard to come up with an insult that I didn't already hear today.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The instructor asked why I took this picture...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I loved this photo. I mean, come on! It's a plastic Jesus statue with a broken thumb in the middle of the woods with an old beat up red truck in the background. I was told that I totally missed the shot because the truck added nothing to the photo...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I did get told that this picture "could" have been good if the Christmas light had been lit. Sorry, I don't control the outdoor lights at Cauley Square...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, I'm going to sleep so that I can go out and take some more bad pictures tomorrow. lol!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February QP Contest at CSD

Download wordart here

Seriously, if you haven't joined in on the monthly QP contest at Cool Scraps Digital what are you waiting for? You're missing all the fun! This month we were given a kit called Sweetness from Graphics by Polka Dot and you can get the QP I made by clicking on the preview below.

Make sure you visit CSD to collect all the QP freebies that are being given away and don't forget to join in on the fun next month!

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April is having a sale!

Download wordart here

Check out the great sale April is having in her blog store by clicking on the flier below!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Story of Me part 29

Download wordart here

August 30, 1999

Mary and Gene Harrison watched from inside the house as Harmony sat outside by the curb waiting for Leo. “It’s hard to believe that she’s starting middle school today.” Mary said as her husband rubbed her shoulders gently.

“She’s growing up fast.” He answered.

“I just wish she had some friends besides that Leo kid. It just doesn’t seem natural that they spend so much time together.”

“He’s not that bad.” Gene laughed. “He’s been good for her. Remember how shy she was before he came along. That little girl used to be afraid of her own shadow.”

“She’s not that little any more, Gene, and that’s what scares me. She’s with that boy all the time. I don’t think we should encourage it.” Mary dropped the curtains she had been holding back and turned to face her husband.

Gene put his arms around his wife and laughed. “He takes care of her. They’re like brother and sister.”

“She says they’re going to get married some day!” Mary tried to explain her reason for worrying.

“Even more reason not to worry. If I remember correctly, when we were in sixth grade you had plans to marry Norman Feldman. How did that work out for you?”

Mary laughed at the memory. “I met you and changed my mind.” Mary turned back to the window and watched with her husband as Leo Lewis walked up the street waving to Harmony and she ran to greet him.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Speed Scrap at STS!

Download wordart here

Need something to do tomorrow night? Check out the speed scrap that Shel of Shel Belle Scraps is hosting at Stuff to Scrap!

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You'll get a cool alpha participation prize!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Sebastian Update

Download wordart here

The new surgery date has been set! Sebastian will have his surgery on March 7 at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. I know some of you have been holding onto your cards and others were worried that your cards wouldn't arrive in time. We have plenty of time to collect even more cards, so please keep sharing the link!

Now.....time for a couple of feel good stories!

I know that several of you mailed your cards to the hospital before we learned of the surgery delay and were worried about what would happen to them. NEVER FEAR! Someone at the hospital went out of their way to make sure that the cards got to Sebastian. They delievered them to his house! How awesome is that!

This next story shows just how small the world really is.....

Sebastian's physical therapist came to see him today, just like he does every Tuesday, but today he took the time to tell me a story about his daughter.

His daughter, who is in second grade, came home from school last week and told her parents how her entire class had made cards for a little boy named Sebastian. After listening to everything she had to say, her dad pulled up my blog and showed her the pictures of Sebastian on the card request post. Having no idea that her dad knew Sebastian, she very excitedly said, "That's him!" Her dad explained that he knew Sebastian and had even been working with him for several years now. She had no idea that her dad had already given me a card for Sebastian or that her dad is one of Sebastian's favorite people in the whole world.

Apparently, she was very excited about going back to school and sharing her Sebastian "connection" with her teacher.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

$2 Tuesday at STS!

Download wordart here

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Check out this weeks $2 bin at Stuff to Scrap! Shel Belle Scraps has added her Be Mine kit and the matching templates so you can get a great deal on a great kit!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chocolate Valentine QP freebie!

Download wordart here

There's still time to join the quickpage collection game at DigiScrapStation! This month we were given the kit Chocolate Valentine by Panda Bear Designs.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can get the QP I made by clicking on the preview below. Make sure you check out the forum at DigiScrapStation to pick up all the other quickpages that are being given away.

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Update on Sebastian and an apology

Download wordart here

***Sebastian's surgery has been rescheduled for March 7, 2012***

We still don't have a new date for Sebastian's surgery. His mom has promised to let me know as soon as she hears something and I'll pass that info on to all of you.

Whenever it is, we'll be ready! I have three big boxes full of cards and treats waiting to decorate his hospital room and everyday I get emails letting me know that there are more cards on the way. You guys are the best!

I've heard from a few of you that were concerned because your cards were mailed to the hospital. We're working with someone there to track down any cards that arrive and they have promised to hold them until Sebastian goes in for surgery or we can pick them up ourselves. One of the girls I work with is handling that part of our card drive so we're in good hands! The only problem is that, for now, I can't add those cards to the list of cards we've received. I promise they will be added though!

Please, continue to spread the word about the card drive! The delay in surgery just allows us more time to collect cards.

Sebastian's mom is so touched by everything. She had no idea that so many people from so many places would reach out to cheer up her son.

Now, for the apology! I've had a crazy week and while I've tried to keep up with all the emails and comments concerning Sebastian I'm afraid I've fallen behind. Not only have I fallen behind in answering them, but I think I may have lost/deleted some messages. I promise I didn't do it on purpose! Things kind of went all screwy when I didn't get my cell phone replaced right away. So, if you've sent me an email or commented about Sebastian and I haven't gotten back to you please email me again!

I want to make sure all of your questions are answered to the best of my ability. I want t o thank you for making cards and sending packages and spreading the word about our card drive. I want to make sure you know that you are appreciated. I want you to know that I will gladly return the favor in any way that I can.

By the way, I'm trying to encourage his mom to blog about their experiences and how Sebastian handles everything. I think it will serve as encouragement for other families that are dealing with the condition Sebastian has and as inspiration for idiots like me who believe that a lost cell phone is the worst thing ever.

I have a phone.....again

Download wordart here

Okay, the first thing I need to tell you is that my old cell phone has been somewhere in Biscayne Bay since Tuesday. I'll skip over the details (mostly cause I don't remember all of them!) and tell you that it involved Valentine's Day, a boat, a bottle of wine and a "whoo hoo".....and that at the time, I thought it was totally worth it! Now...not so much! lol!

I have been a long time AT&T customer, but today I threatened to get rid of my cell phone account, my home phone, my internet service and to even sell the AT&T stock that I own. The customer service agent I was talking to at the time decided this was a good time to try and sell me a second phone line. SERIOUSLY!

Let me back up to "The day after". I woke up Wednesday morning 15 minutes before the alarm went off and stared at the clock wondering why I had even set the alarm on a Saturday. Luckily, I figured out that it wasn't Saturday and got up to shower. That's when I remembered where my cell phone was and why it was there. (FYI - it wasn't my fault...completely...) I decided it was still worth it cause I was over due for an upgrade anyway.

I make it through work on Wednesday and as I'm leaving I tell one of the girls I work with that I have to go get a new cell phone. Well, at some point, between leaving the building and walking to my car I completely forgot about needing a new phone and drove straight home. After being home for awhile, I suddenly remembered again, but had no desire to go out again. I went online to pick out a phone and then called an AT&T sales agent to see if they could overnight it to me. She said she could, but that it was so close to 5 PM that she couldn't guarantee it would get picked up and shipped out that day. I told her to just go for it cause that's how much I did not want to leave home!

Well, the phone didn't arrive on Thursday but it was waiting for me in the mail room when I got home today. I was excited and immediately started going through the steps to get it set up and going! That excitement didn't last for long! I couldn't get the phone activated so I went online to finish everything up. I couldn't activate it online either.

Apparently, the IMEI and ICCID numbers (whatever they are!) on the phone they actually sent to me didn't match the numbers on the phone they thought they sent to me. I was given an 800 number to call for "further assistance".

That 800 number was "no longer in service" and a recording gave me another 800 number to call. Now, maybe it's just me, but don't you think that a phone company should know when they're own numbers are "no longer in service"?

I call the second number and after going through way too many button pressing scenarios I finally get a person on the line. I tell her the trouble I'm having getting the phone activated and she promises to help me.....she lied!

After 45 minutes of "Are you sure the battery is charged?" and "Are you sure the phone is turned on?" I hang up, take a deep breath, eat some chocolate and try calling again.

I get another person who is able to activate the phone.....the phone they thought they sent me. I go through the whole spill about the numbers not matching again and she changes the ICCID number in their records. I turn my phone off and back on again and viola! I can make and receive calls. The sales agent terminates the call.

I realize that while I can make a call I can't go online or set up email or do any of the other fun stuff that we use our phones to do. I call in and get a third representative. She promises that she won't get off the phone with me until everything is fixed and working.....she lied, but mostly because I disconnected the phone call before my battery died and/or I started saying things I shouldn't say!

I go through the whole story again even suggest that maybe the other numbers that didn't match should be changed so that they do match. She said that probably had nothing to do with anything. She takes me through a bunch of worthless and time wasting steps that don't change anything and doesn't seem to care that I am getting more and more annoyed. When this lady can't get the problem fixed she decides to change tactics and try to sell me a second phone line. My response?---NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Do you really think she expected me to say anything else?

She starts her sales pitch again and I get the beeping noise that tells me my phone battery is dying. I cut her off and explain that not only do I not want to buy something, but that I want to get rid of my home phone and my internet connection that are all provided by AT&T and for good measure I throw in how I own some AT&T stock that I just might sell. Then I say that I'm hanging up because they've wasted so much of my time that my phone battery is dying.

I go eat more chocolate and watch last weeks episode of The Walking Dead while I wait for my battery to recharge. I get tired of waiting and decide to call again using the cell phone since the only thing I can use it for is making calls. I tell the very chipper agent I get that she better not even think of trying to sell me anything cause I'm in a bad mood and fed up with the poor customer I'd been getting all afternoon.

She promises she won't offer me any deals and listens as I once again go through the entire story of the phone that I am now calling her on since the battery on my home phone has died. I tell her about the numbers that don't match and that maybe they should match. She decides not to mess with me and changes their records so that all the pretty little numbers match and magically-----the phone starts working the way it should.

I apologized to the lady for taking my anger out on her and thanked her for doing in less than five minutes what none of the others had been able to do in hours.

Now, the new cell phone is charging cause that battery was also dying and I'm telling you that the next time my phone goes into the bay---I'm diving in after it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Story of Me part 28

Download wordart here

December 19, 1996

Mary held Harmony’s hand as they walked through the mall to finish up the Christmas shopping. The girls were looking for some new shirts for gene and Harmony wanted to buy something for her friend, Leo.

Leo Lewis had become Harmony’s best friend on the first day of school back in September and Mary had marveled at the change this friendship had made in the shy little girl. While Leo was a little rough around the edges he was totally devoted to Harmony. It was cute and fun to see such a close friendship between the two children.

“Leo likes blue. Can we buy him something blue? Should we get him toys or clothes?” Harmony asked each question without pausing for an answer.

“Harmony, slow down. Let’s find some new shirts for Gene and then we’ll shop for Leo. Maybe we can get him a new shirt and a toy.”

“Two presents?” The little girl exclaimed as she skipped a few feet in front of Mary. “Two presents for Leo!”

Mary smiled at seeing the little girl so excited. She knew Leo lived in a group home and knew he wouldn’t be receiving much for Christmas other than the gifts from Harmony. She was proud of Harmony for wanting to help make the little boys Christmas special. She didn’t understand that it was Leo who was making Christmas special for Harmony. Leo who had made every day special for Harmony since the day he became her first real friend.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black Holes by Nibbles Skribbles

Download wordart here

Black Holes is a cute kit that Manda of Nibbles Skribbles came up with while helping her son with a school science project. Luckily, she helped him finish his project and came up with a whole kit for us! Just take a look at the preview...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Black Holes has 32 elements, 26 papers, and an alpha. You can also pick up a set of quickpages, some awesome wordart and an extra alpha. For the best price check out the bundle!

I used this kit with pictures of Sebastian. These are part of the surprise I'm saving for when he gets a new surgery date...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out the Nibbles Skribbles blog for more layout inspiration.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shel Belle Scraps has a newsletter!

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Make sure you keep up with all the latest Shel Belle Scraps info by signing up for her new newsletter.

You may even find some freebies and coupons inside the newsletter!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Do you ever stop and think about all the random things that affect your life? Lately, I've found myself thinking about them quite often.

On some random day back in 2008 I had the random idea of starting a random blog. I had no idea what I would blog about or who would care enough read my ramblings, but I blogged anyway.

I blogged about the random things I saw, felt and did. I blogged about things that were funny and things that were sad and things that were just so random they made no sense at all. I blogged and for some random reason you found your way here.

Many of you have been with me for years and others have found your way here more recently. You have all left random comments and sent random emails that have cheered me up, encouraged me, made me laugh and lifted my spirits.

Time went by and for some random reason I kept blogging and you kept reading.

Then, two weeks ago I had another random idea. I decided to tell you about a student that had randomly been placed in my class this year and you opened your hearts to him.

Today, after school, I stood in my class with two other teachers as we read the random postmarks on over thirty cards and packages that had arrived for Sebastian. Cards from different states and countries. Cards from people that we don't know and will probably never meet. Cards that have served as reminders of how truly awesome people can be!

You can keep up with the cards that are received in this post. And just think....it all started with that random thought on that random day all those years ago.

Sometimes, random is good!

Monday, February 13, 2012

My weekend...

Download wordart here

***Come back tomorrow for the girl version of this wordart***

It rained here last week...a lot! It rained and I didn't like it. Friday morning my street was flooded and I had to head out earlier than usual to take Orange Croc Guy to the airport before I went to school.

Now, before I go further into this story I need to tell you two things. The first is that I don't recommend you stay up two hours later than you usually do when you have to wake up and hour earlier than usual. The second is that OCG is really grumpy that early in the morning!

I guess I should also make another confession about my driving. You know how that whole claustrophobia thing gets to me sometimes? Well, when I'm in the car I'm not immune. Parking garages used to really get to me, but I'm better about them now. Being in the parking garage itself didn't bother me. It was being inside the car in the garage that bothered me. I would make this kind of humming sound from the moment the car entered the garage until I got parked and out of the car.

It wasn't a pretty "Look at me, I should have been a rock star!" kind of hum. It was more like The Shining "red rum" kind of hum and I didn't even know I was doing it until people started pointing it out to me. Actually, they didn't point it out as much as they laughed. So, I've gotten better about the hum.....kind of.

Anyway, very early Friday morning we're heading out to the airport and before we're not even out of the garage the little light comes on that lets me know I need gas. OCG wasn't happy about that!

OCG: Why didn't you just get gas yesterday? You knew we would be leaving early today.

ME: I didn't know I needed gas yesterday.

OCG: What do you mean you didn't know?

ME: The light wasn't on yesterday.

(FYI: I did know I needed gas, but it was raining and I just didn't want to bother!)

We make it out of the garage and onto the flooded streets. NO FUN! We stop at the service station and OCG fills the tank. We head toward the causeway so that I can drive in the complete opposite direction of school and drop him off at the airport.

I drive onto the causeway and I'm stuck in the right hand lane because of a stupid bus. I was ok at first cause I figured I would just move pass the bus and get into the left hand lane where I'm more comfortable. It's that stupid claustrophobia thing again. I start to feel boxed in if I don't have space beside me. I usually cover this up with my awesome/horrible driving skills.

The roads were soaked and it was still raining and traffic wasn't moving fast at all. The stupid bus stayed in the lane beside me and I couldn't get around it because there was another bus in front of me. I thought about slowing down to let the bus pass me so that I could fall in behind it then move over to the left hand lane. I checked the rear view mirror only to see another bus coming up behind me. I was trapped! One bus in front of me, one bus beside me and another one behind me! OCG could look out his window and see water, but I was trapped.

Without realizing that I was saying it out loud I started quickly chanting, "I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe" over and over. OCG was not amused! I told him the buses were gaining up on me, but he sided with the buses.

OCG: Ginger, I don't think the bus drivers want your Volkswagen.

ME: You don't "think" but you don't know do you?

He responded by saying something that I probably shouldn't post here.

Luckily, for all the drivers on the road, I was able to get away from the buses, change lanes and deliver him to the airport. Once we arrived and he was getting his stuff together to exit the car he said he would just take a taxi when he gets back on Monday. lol!

Sure, he'll take a taxi on a random Monday evening, but at 6AM on a rainy Friday morning I have to drive him. MEN!

His final words to me were: Don't get arrested, don't touch my video games, don't google Russell Brand and don't drink too much tequila.

So, here it is late Sunday evening, I'm about to go to sleep and I can proudly announce that so far.....I haven't been arrested!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And the winner is...

Download wordart here

Before I announce the winner of the gift certificate to Bugaboo Digi Stamps I just have to say that I can't thank you guys enough! Your kindness has been overwhelming and I just can't wait to see Sebastian's face once he has all of his cards. His mom and I have already talked about taking a picture so that you guys can see. Between the cards you all are sending and the cards from the kids and teachers at school, he really should have a hospital room filled to the brim with love.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And now the winner is.....

Chris of Creations in Bloom!

Chris, I just need your email address to get your little goodie to you.

*** I love all of the cards that I have seen posted online and once I learn how to use those copic markers I got for Christmas you girls are in trouble! I am going to totally "card lift" all of your ideas! lol!***

Blog Trespassers!

Download wordart here

I've got lots of things that I wanted to tell you about today, but instead I need to tell that I made a big mistake and shared my blog with the people at work and now I may have to change my name leave the country.

Another teacher talked about the card drive we've got going for Sebastian in our faculty meeting and asked if other teachers would have their kids make cards. Everyone was so open to the idea even though they don't know him that I thought it would be nice for them to "meet" him and shared the blog link.

Yeah, I didn't think that one through very well! Stupid me thought they would read about Sebastian and move on. BUT NO! They keep reading about my life and telling me that they're doing it. They're all laughing at me and asking questions and pointing fingers. It's awful! I feel like my secret identity has been exposed and now I've lost all my super powers.

I think there were a hand full of people that knew I blogged, but they didn't know where I blogged and I liked it that way. You see, if the people I know don't know what I'm blogging about they can't tell my mom and if they can't tell my mom then I can't get grounded or disowned or placed on Santa's bad list.

The guidance counselor at my school was the only one who ever found my blog on her own. That's only because she got smart one day and started googling "orange croc guy and cute fajita delivery guy". Why do guidance counselors have to be such over achievers?

Anyway, they're all on to me now and I have to do something until they lose interest in my lack of a life and move on. I've got a couple of ideas that may work and I want to see what you guys think.

First of all, I'm thinking about adding subliminal messages to all my blog posts. I work with the best people in the whole world. They're be very subtle and you won't even know they're here. If you work at GPES stop reading this and go grade papers or something. If the messages work I won't have to keep them up for very long. GPES people should never visit this site again. I'm confident this idea will work!

One teacher was talking to me and trying to figure out which posts were real and which ones were shares from my NaNoWriMo writing. She figured out on her own that the posts in blue were fiction.

That lead me to my second idea---I can just start posting everything in blue. Blue is my favorite color after all! The problem with this idea is that I'm blonde and I'm afraid I'll get confused about what's real and what's not. Plus, I really need to use orange when I'm quoting Orange Croc Guy and red when I'm quoting the Cute Fajita Delivery Guy cause he's just so hot!

My third and last idea would be the hardest to pull off, but will probably have the fastest and most permanent results.---I could scare them away! I can get the basement ghosts from my photography class, that evil speed checker thingy from the road and my bi-polar GPS that purposely tries to get me lost to gang up on those blog trespassers. The only problem with this idea is that I may scare myself away too. Seriously, my GPS is mean!

If none of these ideas work, I'm probably going to go all federal witness protection on you guys and disappear. So, if I suddenly abandon this blog and it gets taken over by someone named Susie Mae in Wyoming or some other place that's not Miami don't worry. I promise she'll be just as pretty as I am.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cards For Sebastian - Update

Download wordart here

***Sebastian's surgery has been rescheduled for March 7, 2012***

***Come back tomorrow for the girl version of this wordart***

***Sebastian's surgery has been postponed until March. I will hold the cards until then and they will be placed in his hospital room. I just can't wait to see them all!***

First of all, just let me say WOW!!! I have updated the Amazing post from Wednesday with all the links I could find that mentioned Sebastian and the card drive. Please check it out and let me know about any links I've missed. I don't want to forget to thank anyone for helping with the cards for Sebastian.

Thursday night, one of my friends suggested that I call the hospital and let them know about the card drive we're doing for Sebastian just in case cards started arriving early. I called and they were so nice, but the person I actually needed to talk to was out of the office. I left a message with my phone number explaining what we were doing and said that I just wanted to make sure cards didn't get returned to the sender if they arrived early.

Friday after school Sebastian's mom told me that she had gotten a message from the hospital saying that they needed to reschedule Sebastian's surgery. She hadn't had a chance to return the call at that point so she wasn't able to give me any details, but promised to let me know more as soon as she could. She was worried about all the kind things people are doing for Sebastian, but I assured her that everything was going to be fine. I can simply hold onto the cards untill they get another date chosen. Plus, it gives us more time to get cards for Sebastian!

I am hoping that it's just a short delay and that they will do this surgery sooner rather than later for Sebstian and his mother. I'll let you know as soon as a date is set and promise that pictures will be posted of Sebastian with all the cards he receives.

On Monday morning, if I haven't heard anything from the hospital, I'll be calling them again. I have seen the adorable cards you've posted on your blogs and I want to make sure none of them get lost.

I also have to let you know that cards have already started arriving for Sebastian at school and it is so exciting! I will try my best to keep you updated on them as they come in. So far we've gotten cards from...

Susan in Santa Ana, CA
Betty in Placerville, CA
Beverly in Grabil, IN
Charlene in Canada
Laura in West Chester, PA
Tim in Brighton, MI
Michele in Maple Valley, WA
Sherry in Minneapolis, MN
The Bakers in Pittsville, WI
G. Wicks in Norman, OK
The Pollexs in Leesburg, FL
Donna in New Middletown, OH
De Quetta in West Fargo, ND
Emily in North Reading, MA
Julie in Glendale, AZ
The Torstensons in Gilbert, AZ
Erin & Ben in Nevada City, CA
Carolyn in Norwalk, IA
Shelia in Oskaloosa, IA
The Shears in Buckley, WA
G. Passow in DeKalb, IL
The Christensons in Brigham City, UT
Jen's Craft Corner in Norton, MA
Ros in the United Kingdom
Amy in Maple Valley, WA
R. Salamon in San Diego, CA
The Gustafsons in Cotati, CA
T. Matheson from Charlotte, NC
Patti in Sacramento, CA
L. Darda in Winamac, IN
Jessica in Clarence Center, NY
R. Miller in Visalia, CA
The Zoo in Brea, CA
The Rothekers in Elkhart, IN
M. Gigliottti in Coconut Creek, FL
Christine in Birmingham, England
R.D. Henry in Hyde Park, NY
The Wolfes in Nashville, TN
Carmen in Miami, Florida
Carolyn in Martinsville, IL
North Miami Beach Senior High School
Scott Rakow Youth Center
Greynolds Park Elementary School
Karen in California
Virginia in Canada
Nancy in Birmingham, AL
The LaBombards in Midland, TX
The Nelsons in St. George, UT
The Eschs in Clarence Center, NY
Kristy in Burbank, IL
Vanneska in Hallandale, FL
The Eltons in Stow, Ohio
Elaine in Vancouver, WA
The Johnsons in Stafford, MO
The Gregors in Oak Creek, WI
Wanda in Ridgewood, NY
The Ashers in Franklin, NC
Shauna in Preston, ID
Amy in Manson, WA
L. Seabrook in Port Alberni, British Columbia
Alice in San Jose, CA
Betty in Mexico
Shahrul in Malaysia
Mellisa in Hammond, LA
The Crumps in Flemingsburg, KY
Jessi in Canada
Cathie in Canada
Mary in Holmes Beach, FL
Virginia in Placentia, CA
Jo Ann in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Valda in Rio Rancho, NM
Theresa in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Yvonne in Singapore
Kelly in Ladera Ranch, CA
J. Goff in Pompano Beach, FL
Melissa in Scottsdale, AZ
Lauri in Germany
Sandie in Annapolis, MD
Judy in Edgemoor, SC
Delores in Gibsonville, NC
Anne-Marie in the United Kingdom
The Murphys in Murphy, NC
Donna in Copenhagen, Denmark
Mrs. Ingram in the United Kingdom
K. Clifford in Canada
Linda in Fayetteville, GA
The students and teachers at Dorado Academy in Puerto Rico
Jennifer in Sherwood, Oregon
Nyree in Waterbury, CT
Amanda in Burnsville, MN
April in Waxahachie, TX
Linda in Fayetteville, GA
Janine in Tucson, AZ
Margie in Williamston, SC

There was a care package from Linde in Waunakww, WI, The Wheater Family in Monroe, NC, our school librarian, The Schilling Family in Jeffersonville, IN, Chris in Elkhart, IN, Ana in Miami, Florida, Sherry in Santa Fe, Texas, one from a volunteer at my school and one from the teacher across the hall.

There are also cards from England, Monroe, North Carolina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, North Little Rock, Arkansas, Cuba City, Wisconsin, Australia, Canada, Indianapolis, Palm City, Florida and several others from right here in Miami.

Plus there are cards being made by children in our school, another local elementary school, the local high school and a high school in Riviera Beach, Florida

You guys are the best and I can't wait to see what comes in the mail on Monday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Story of Me part 27

Download wordart here

September 2, 1996

It had been almost a month since the Harrisons had taken Harmony in and while things seemed to be going smoothly they couldn’t help but feel that Harmony was constantly walking on egg shells around them. She had always been a quiet girl but she had withdrawn even further into herself since losing the lady she had grown to love and called Grandma Pat.

School was starting and they tried to get her excited about it, but Harmony didn’t like school. The fact that she would be going to a different school than the one she had been attending didn’t seem to make her like it any more or any less. School just was not her thing.

Mary Harrison had gotten up extra early to shower, dress and make a special first day of school breakfast for Harmony. Harmony barely touched the food on her plate and seemed less than thrilled with the new pink dress that had been chosen as her first day outfit and the matching book bag and lunchbox.

Gene Harrison drove the car the four blocks to school as his wife talked nonstop about how much she had loved third grade and was sure Harmony would too. Harmony sat in the backseat without saying a word.

There were no available parking spaces in front of the school so Gene let Harmony and his wife out of the car. Mary was to walk Harmony into the building while Gene circled the block. He would pick her up when he came back around.

Mary held onto the trembling hand of the scared little girl as they walked into the building and searched for room 26. Harmony said nothing as they walked into the class and saw the other kids sitting at tables talking to each other.

“Hi. I’m Max Rodriguez. Welcome to my third grade grade classroom.” He smiled and extended his hand to Harmony.

Harmony looked at Mary uncertainly and it wasn’t until after she saw Mary smile and nod her head that she reached out to shake the man’s hand.

“This is Harmony. She’s a little shy and she’s brand new to this school.” Mary explained.

“That’s ok, last year I was new at this school too.” Mr. Rodriguez said. “I was a little scared on my first day, so I understand how you feel.” He smiled at Harmony, but she lowered her head and stared at the floor. “I tell you what, why don’t you look around the room and pick the table you would like to sit at. I bet you’ll make friends in no time.”

Harmony looked at Mary who smiled. “It’s ok. I’ll be here to pick you up after school. We’ll go for ice cream and you can tell me all about your first day.”

Harmony quietly walked further into the room and sat in the first empty chair she saw. It was at a table with three other girls. Mr. Rodriguez and Mary Harrison watched from the door. “She’ll be fine.” He promised Mary as she sadly turned and exited the room.

Be Mine by Shel Belle Scraps

Download wordart here

Here's another cute kit for you from Shel Belle Scraps just in time for Valentine's Day. The kit is called Be Mine and it has 23 papers, 51 elements and two alphas. I love the mixture of pink and brown in this kit. It's perfect for scrapping pictures of everyone you love. Take a look at the preview...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's a layout that I put together...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I've also got a cluster freebie for you. Just click on the preview to get the download...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Head over to Shel's blog for more layout inspiration.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All About Me by Nibbles Skribbles

Download wordart here

Nibbles Skribbles has been a designing freak lately and that's ok because each kit is cuter than the one before! Today's new release is called All About Me and it's actually a collab with Scrappy Cocoa. Take a look at the preview...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They are going to be hosting a new challenge on The Studio blog that's all about journaling and this kit is the kick-off kit. It's a huge kit and the colors are gorgeous! It's perfect for all kinds of layouts. Here's one I made...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out the Nibbles Skribbles and Scrappy Cocoa blogs for more layout inspiration.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Download wordart here

AMAZING! Amazing is the word my friends and co-workers have used to describe you guys all day. They are amazed at how you're reaching out and helping with the card drive for Sebastian. Personally, I'm not surprised at all. You see, the secret that I know and they don't is that crafters are the BEST people in the whole world.

I learned that Amy of Tsuruta Designs has offered up a challenge to her blog readers and is offering the chance to win a $25 gift certificate for anyone who sends a card and blog about the card drive. You can find the details here.

Why would she do this? Why would someone who lives on the other side of the country and has never met me or Sebastian go out of their way to help insure he has cards waiting for him on the 15th? Because she is a crafter and crafters are the BEST people in the whole world!

Politicians should become crafters. The world would be a better place!

Amy, I tried to email you but my computer wouldn't let me. It said something about the "default mail client" not being installed and then it laughed at me. (really!) Please send me an email! I have a thank you gift for you and would love to help pay for the gift certificate you're giving away as part of your challenge.

As I find the blog posts you're all making to help spread the word about Sebastian's card dirve I'm printing them out for his mom. She is saving them for Sebastian. Isn't that a wonderful thing to be able to add to a child's scrapbook?!?!

Please, let me know if you've posted on your blog. I don't want to miss anyone. Plus, Orange Croc Guy has kicked in some money to have another gift certificate give away here. If you would like the opportunity to win a $30 gift certificate to Bugaboo Digi Stamps just post about the card drive for Sebastian and leave a link here for me. I'll pick a winner on Sunday.

Sebastian is a big Justin Bieber fan and on Saturday I tweeted the link to my blog post to him. (Yes, my friends are still laughing at me for that one!) I figured I had nothing to lose ~ either he would read it or he wouldn't. I'm guessing he didn't since he hasn't tweeted me back. lol!

If you're on twitter and aren't too embarrassed to tweet Justin, please do. Maybe he'll answer you. lol!

Because I just can't say it enough ~~~ THANK YOU!


Here are blogs I've found that posted about the card drive for Sebastian. Please let me know if I've missed yours or if you know of others I've missed.

1. Tsuruta Designs
2. Paper and Ink Playground
3. Gifts from deeyll
4. Chick n Scrap
5. Lauren's Creative
6. Jen's Craft Corner
7. Daizeefli's Flower Patch
8. My Little Slice of Bliss
9. Do More With Less
10. Homemade Cards by Erin
11. Creepy Glowbugg
12. It's All Rosie
13. Scrapcat Cards by Linda
14. Scrappin Rabbit Designs
15. My Happy Place
16. Sherry Gardner ~ Life is Good
17. Jen Shears Designs
18. From My Bungalow
19. Scrappy Pink Corner
20. Sylvia's Stamp Corner
21. Such Pretty Canvas
22. Arty Scrappy
23. Miller's Ink
24. Fresh Squeezed Designs by Ryann Salamon
25. Creations in Bloom
26. The Bald Dragonfly
27. Button Junkie
28. Yes, Virginia
29. Life with the Tucker and Wolek Clan
30. Cheryl June Girl
31. Paper Daydream
32. Cards Friends and Angels
33. Alice's Little Wonderland
34. Seabrook Designs
35. One Crafty Mama
36. Twin 2u2 Designs
37. ScrapClose2The Heart
38. Just Add Glue To

And Facebook postings that I know of...

1. Shelly
2. Karen Azeka Ladd
3. Susan Pearson
4. Sebastian's Mom

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today was loooooong!

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After staying up way too late last night watching the super bowl and The Voice then driving home from the party we were at morning came way too soon! I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I got home from school today.

Orange Croc Guy showed up and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. When I said no he asked about ordering fajitas and was shocked when I replied, "Are you crazy? NO!"

You should have seen the look on his face when he asked, "Wait, is the cute fajita delivery guy not cute anymore."

I ruined any hopes he had of never being subjected the cute fajita guy when I answered, "Dude, shut up. He's cuter than ever. I just can't have him coming to the door cause I'm too tired to comb my hair and put on make up."

Yeah, we ordered pizza. lol!


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