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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It was a Monday!

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So, I told you how my Monday started, but it didn't tell you how it ended and I thought you might enjoying that story.

Before I left school, I got a phone call from OCG.  He was planning on grilling out and instructed me to stop at the store and pick up some tin foil.  No problem, right?  I can do that and say I've contributed to making dinner.

However, when it time for the actual cooking OCG had other ideas.  He had sliced up some potatoes and wanted me to add the spices.  ME!

Of course I thought...Oh my God!

He said, "Ginger, it's easy.  A five year old could it."

My response... "Then go find a five year old and let him do it!"

I mean seriously, how many years has this man known me?

He gave me directions....add a pinch of salt, some butter, garlic powder, turmeric, a little cayenne pepper and some paprika for color.  Then he headed out to the grill so he could get prepared, drink beer, talk sports, burp and whatever else it is that men do while "manning the grill".

I didn't want to do it! It was too hard for me!

I did it anyway.  I shouldn't have....

I looked in the cabinet and the spices right where he said they would be.  I added the butter, salt and garlic with no problem.  Then I reached back into the cabinet for the turmeric and tried putting some of whatever that is on the potatoes, but the stuff was stuck and wouldn't come out.  I closed the lid
and shook it then opened it up, held it over the potatoes and smacked it a couple of times.

Some came out.  Actually, a lot came out!  A lot came out and I thought I recognized the smell so I looked at the jar again.  I hadn't grabbed the turmeric I had grabbed nutmeg.

Don't judge me!  The jars were the same and the spices were the same color.  I have no idea what turmeric is and why does this man have nutmeg anyway?!  He's never baked cookies for me.  Isn't that what nutmeg is for?

I thought...Well, that's going be add an interesting flavor!

Then I reached back into the cabinet for the cayenne pepper and paprika.  I also confused those too.  I added a little paprika and lots of cayenne.

Again, don't judge me!  The jars look the same and these two are also the same color and I didn't want to do any of this to begin with!

Now, here's where you can judge me....

I swear I didn't mess up on purpose, but once I realized what I had done I didn't confess my sins.  I wrapped that mess up in tin foil and took it outside just like I had been instructed to do.  Then I made myself scarce until dinner was ready.

OCG didn't seem at all suspicious when I decided to skip the potatoes as we ate and he didn't say a word as he ate his.  I did notice that he spent the rest of the night blowing his nose.  I guess that cayenne pepper must have cleared his sinuses.  Lol!

Really, he should thank me for that!  Don't you think?


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