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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Should I call the doctor or a scientist?

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I hate being sick! I'm so congested that all day today my class kept asking me why I was talking so funny. LOL!

Earlier tonight I made the mistake of allowing Orange Croc Guy talk me into using that stupid neti pot again. I don't know if you remember my neti pot story from way back, but it was horrible. OCG bought it for when I was sick and swore it was the best thing ever. I used it one time (half of one time, actually!) and decided that he must have been mad at me cause no one would ever put a real friend through that! He stuck to his story about it being awesome so when Christmas rolled around I wrapped the stupid thing up and gave it back to him. lol!

Well, he showed up tonight the thing and an evil smile and I gave in and tried it again.

I'll spare you all the gory details and just say that I think an alien was living in my nose! Now I need to know what to do if I don't feel any better tomorrow. Do I call the doctor, a scientist, the FBI or someone out in Area 51?


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