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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man, oh man!

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Tonight Orange Croc Guy told me that I haven't been any fun lately. The first week of school zaps your energy and your fun. lol!

I got another student today and yes it was a boy. That's 23 kids and 16 of them are boys.

If I make it to Friday, I'm celebrating by ordering fajitas. Now, that will be fun!!! lol!


  1. Oh Ginger, that's A LOT of boys! Tell Orange Croc guy to chill, you are always fun! LOL, hugs, Nan

  2. Awesome saying!!! Thanks so much.

    Let orange croc guy take your class alone for a day and then see what he says. tee hee

  3. That's amazing that you have such a boy to girl ratio. I guess I never looked at the ratios at the school I work at (I work in the clinic not a classroom). enjoy the celebration fajitas! Thanks for the word art!

  4. I remember the first week of school each year and one at one school they had the classes segregated by sexes, so I either had all boys or all girls, either too much testosterone or too many hormones as they were jr. high. Definitely order the fajitas and tell OCG to just chill.



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