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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What you don't know CAN hurt you!

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It's amazing the things you can learn in a day. Some things make you happy and you're glad for the lesson. Others hurt your heart and you wish you unlearn them. Some things you learn help you know what to do or what not to do in future situations. The most imortant lessons are the ones that keep you safe!

Tonight I learned that frozen pizza sometimes has a piece of cardboard frozen to it's bottom. That's one lesson I REALLY wish I had learned earlier. I think the smoke has almost cleared. lol!

So, what did you learn today?


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  2. Bet the pizza wasn't too good either. You could always just tell people you were checking to see if the smoke alarm works. But oh my gosh, you brought a smile to my face again today. Thank you for this sentiment! It's a great one.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your lesson learned. It might save me from the same experience! :)

    Great sentiment, thank you for sharing it as well.

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  6. Ginger, you are too funny!! Reminds me of the time I tried to impress a boyfriend with my culinary skills. Popped the bread into the oven to reheat according to directions. The directions did NOT say to remove the cellophane first!! Smoked up the apartment, set off the alarm and of course ruined the bread. The rest of the meal was ok but the smoke was pretty thick. He took me out to eat!!!



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