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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Day Ginger Snapped part 14

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"Well, Ginger, that story wasn't as funny as the last one, but you're right, he is a loser. I'm going to pee now, then I'm going to get my free Ginger-rita. Love you!" Linda's voice got harder to hear as she talked. I guess she was running away from the phone and toward the bathroom as she said good-bye.

"I don't care if the story is funny or not! The only thing that matters to me is that he has a horrible, horrible life." I said for anyone that was still listening.

"Ginger, hostility is another sign of a mental disorder. I'm not sure which one it is though, so why don't you just take yourself straight to the hospital and talk to a doctor about it."

"Give it up, Gail, I'm not any crazier than you are!"

"In that case you really need to get to a doctor and start some serious medication!" Gail insisted.

"I want to hear about the winner. Is he available?" Bonnie asked hopefully.

"No, he ended up marrying the girl he dumped me for. He's a financial planner and she owns a bakery. She even has her own cooking show on a local channel here. They live in a private
community. They have a teenage son and twin daughters. They still hold hands when they go out in public. It's sickening really."

"Ginger, fill us in on what to expect next week." Hal shouted out over the free drink orders that the crowd was demanding.

"I have no idea what to expect myself, guys. I'm off to New York in the morning though, so wish me luck."

"Luck!" was being shouted out by every drunk in the place as I disconnected the call.


  1. I have an idea for this already, thanks so much for all your work

  2. oH MY GOSH !!! Just bumped into your site and completly blown away by all your fantastic wordart. Love the quotes your using and super cute style. I have downloaded quite a few of your wordart and will use them in my cards.
    Thank you so much for offering them for free. You are very generous :)

  3. This is so me! Thank you, Ginger.



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