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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Story of Me part 5

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February 14, 1989

“Lily, shut that baby up or get out of my house! I am trying to sleep. Lily do you hear me?”

Clara stormed out of her bedroom carrying a shoe and ready to hit Lily for allowing the stupid baby to cry so loud for so long. She wasn’t sure how long it had been going on, but it seemed like hours had past since the crying had started. “Lily, where are you? Don’t make me tell you again to shut that baby up!”

Once Clara realized that Lily was not in the house she dropped the shoe, grabbed her throbbing head and followed the crying sound into the kitchen. There she saw the baby sitting in a used car seat on the table. She walked over and looked at the red faced baby as she grabbed a vodka bottle that was sitting close by. “Where has that mother of yours gone and why did she think she could just leave you here?”

Clara twisted the lid off the vodka bottle and took a long satisfying drink. “Did you hear me? I asked where your mother was?” Clara stared at the baby waiting for an answer she was too drunk to realize would never come. “For your sake, I hope she comes back soon. Now be quiet cause I’m trying to sleep.”

Clara took the vodka bottle and walked back into her bedroom without ever seeing the note pinned to the baby’s blanket. The note that gave her custody of her only grandchild.

Have you gotten your copy of The Day Ginger Snapped?

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