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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The week that wouldn't end!

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I know I've been quiet this week, but it's only because I've been really busy and this week was way too hectic!

My week started with an elevator incident---Well, I guess it was almost an incident, but for someone who doesn't like elevators, that's close enough!

I reached the elevator in the parking garage about the same time as another guy so when the door opened we both got on. I pushed the button for the third floor and he did the same for the fifth. The doors were slow to close and another lady joined us. I pushed the fourth floor button for her. One more person made a dash for the elevator before the doors closed and I pushed the eighth floor button for him.

When I pushed that last button the lights on the keypad all went out. I didn't freak out too much. I managed to use a normal voice as I blurted, "Did all the lights just go out?" No one laughed, but I did notice the lady take a step away from me. The two guys just stood looking lost and half asleep as I pressed the buttons again. 3, 4, 5 and then it happened---the button for the 8th floor caused the lights to go out again.

This time, my voice wasn't quite as normal as I said, "Oh my God, it happened again!" The lady took one more step away from me and the guys suddenly looked more awake then they had just moments before.

The last guy to get on the elevator suggested that I try only pushing the first three buttons and I had to agree with him. I mean there's nothing on the eighth level but the gym. Why would anyone want to go there? We were in a parking garage!

Once again I started pushing buttons...3 -- no problem, 4 -- no problem, 5 -- no problem. Apparently, the elevator agreed that going to the gym was stupid and had no intentions of going to that eighth level.

The little elevator bell dinged and the 3 over the door lit up. My level! I was going to go off the elevator and get to my car without totally freaking out in front of these people.

BUT---we were stopped and the doors on the elevator didn't open. We were all standing there quietly just waiting for the doors to open when I finally and completely lost it. There was nothing normal about my voice when I very loudly said, "Oh my God, let me out of here!"

The poor lady tried to move even further away from me. The gym rat, who I blame for everything, looked up in surprize. I'm not sure, but I think he believed he was being pranked for some reality show. The guy I originally got on the elevator with stepped closer to me and pushed the "door open" button.

The door opened and I ran out of the elevator yelling "Thank God!" I turned around expecting to see everyone else running out after me, but instead they were still on the elevator giving me very bewildered looks. I shouted "good luck" to them as the doors began to close. The guys both told me bye and the gym rat even threw his hand up in a wave, but I swear the lady was pressing herself against the back wall in yet another attempt to move away from me.

The whole incident probably lasted three minutes at the most, but I swear it shaved three years off of my life.

So, do you think I over reacted?


  1. No you didn't over react, I would have trampled you underfoot to get out before you!... The big question is...who needs to go to the gym when you can get fit climbing the stairs to the eighth floor?!?

  2. Overreacted? You? NO WAY! I would have had pushed the emergency button several moments before you and then tried to find something to use as a crowbar to open the doors! Hee Hee. Note to Ginger and myself....never allow us both on the elevator at the same time.

  3. Overreacted?? not a chance, I have re-occuring dreams about elevators.... freaky! i would have been running out of there with you. We have one at work that chugs and clanks and it's only a 2 story building, if I find myself needing to cart stuff up or down I'll throw it in there press the button and hurry on down the stairs to meet it.
    BTW thank you for all the wonderful word art you share :)

  4. I would have been right there with you! The thought of being stuck in an elevator would have unhinged me faster than a speeding bullet.

    Thank you for today's word art.



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